Emerald engagement rings reflect an individualistic

by:Joacii     2020-05-09
A deep green emerald makes a fine engagement ring. The mystical intensity of its greenness is unmatched which makes emerald engagement rings distinctly different and hence uniquely beautiful. A nicely cut and shaped emerald set in a simple ring setting such as solitaire ring setting or three stone ring setting creates an elegant engagement ring, whereas, a ring setting with more gems or with matching bands make the emerald engagement rings truly exquisite. Most of the jewelry stores have a dedicated section on emerald rings where one may find one of their choices. But, if one is not satisfied with the range there is an option to make your own emerald engagement rings. The process is much simple than what is commonly perceived. The first step involves choosing the ring setting, whether you prefer solitaire ring, three stone ring, setting with side stones, setting with matching bands or an intricately crafted designer ring setting. Once the setting of the ring is chosen, the next step requires selection of the centre-stone's shape and the associated stones' shapes. Choosing the cut and shape of the central emerald stone and the other stones which may be diamonds, sapphires or rubies is a process for which enough time must be spent. There are many beautiful cuts and shapes for emeralds which will perfectly fit into the setting of the ring, but, the right combination must be achieved for a magnificent emerald engagement ring. Some of the popular shapes for the central emerald stones are round, pear, oval and marquise while some striking cuts are emerald cut, princess cut and cushion cut. The other precious stones that are required to be a part of the ring design need to be carefully selected and the image must be previewed many times before finally placing an order for the same. It is suggested that some more probable assorted combinations of different shapes and cuts of the central emerald stone along with the other stones which may be diamonds, rubies and sapphires may be tried out before choosing the best combination. The next step in this process of designing your own emerald engagement ring is to choose between a yellow gold metal band and white gold or platinum metal band. For subtle elegance white gold or platinum is appropriate whereas for more dazzle and shine yellow gold metal band is the right choice. With all these preferences for ring setting, shape of the emerald and other stones, and choice of metal confirmed for your emerald engagement ring, one may select the best choice within the desired price range. This completes the process of designing your dream ring for this special day in your life.
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