Engagement rings could sway in a wide field of prices

by:Joacii     2020-05-08
However, out of all the stone rings available, diamond engagement rings top the list of fan followers. These rings have been in trend and tradition for always and will always be in the times ahead. This is due to the lustre and shine that directs its relation with heaven and hence, makes its place in everybody's eyes. The diamonds are the most prominent things that let the price of an engagement ring vary. It is directly proportional to the carat size, colour, clarity and cutting of the diamond. Greater the carat size, better the colour of a diamond, good cutting and a fine clarity ensures the higher prices of a diamond and thus, makes the ring even expensive. However, apart from the stone, for those who love to outshine their engagement ring, the ring prices can also vary on the basis of its metal too. The engagement rings may come in different metal types such as yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Each of the metal, however, offers different values of looks and love and hence, are available with varying prices. Yellow Gold: Yellow gold has always been an integral part of the engagement ring. For ages, it has been holding diamonds and other stones and has been adorning ladies across the world. The yellow gold is much cheaper in prices as compared to its rival metals for the ring. This is still the most liked and praised sort of metal for an engagement ring across the globe. White Gold: White Gold is also a popular choice of metal for those seeking an exclusive designer engagement ring. It is also used widely for the purpose of a ring. This metal is and alloy prepared by adding other metals to the regular yellow gold. White Gold offers stunning and angelic looks that makes it an apparent choice for the millions of customers around the world. However, it is expensive than yellow gold but the shine it holds never make the prices seem worthless. Platinum: One of the most craved metals by jewellery lovers is the platinum. It is the costliest metal available today. It also has been in tradition since ages but the higher prices have made people to follow different trends. Yet, it has been the favourite metal of those who wish to make their engagement royal by offering an imperial engagement ring. Platinum and diamond makes the perfect duo and can make any lady steal the show who wears it.
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