fine timing at the salon international de la haute horlogerie

by:Joacii     2020-03-25
The 28 th edition of Salon international premium watch, the annual fine watch exhibition, is more known as S. I. H. H.
It starts in Geneva on Monday.
The number of participating brands has increased again this year-
At 35, Hermes\'s invitation to transfer from Baselworld to Richemont-
Only the event and five other independent watchmakers took part in the quirky horédes Horlogers category.
This year\'s display includes the world\'s thinnest mechanical watch, IWC Schaffhausen\'s 150 anniversary series, and a customer --
Friendly names for the new sport.
Earl: The Ultimate concept watch of plateau;
No pricePiaget has extraordinary know-how to create constant
Thin mechanical watch, scraping the concept plateau (
Named after the flatness of the Andes Plateau)
The case and all models are up to 2mm, making the world\'s thinnest mechanical watch.
Thanks to this development, it applied for five patents and spent four years creating three of the best talents, said piajie.
This is probably twice as long as planned, because the Watch was launched after its iconic 1957 Caliber 9p 60 anniversary, when it was one of the world\'s thinnest calibers --
Also at 2mm.
The new tabulation milestone is not yet commercially available.
Vacheron Denton: $39,700 full calendar Vacheron Denton is one of the oldest brands in the watchmaking industry, but it is not against the root-and-
The branch company overhauled its collection.
Followed --
Its latest invention is fifty-six, a contemporary spin on the brand reference 6073, the early water
Anti-automatic launched in 1956.
The new work is reminiscent of the original work: the lugs are inspired by the brand\'s Malta cross logo, and the retro box Crystal rises above the bezel.
Every variant on the new production line has a hand from Vacheron Denton --
The completed automation, in this case, provides a complete monthly calendar function.
BAUME & MERCIER: CLIFTON baum $2,790 the most commercial sports development at the fair comes from the most commercial brands in Lifeng.
In recent years, watches from companies such as Rolex and Omega have made great progress.
Action improvement.
Now it\'s Baum\'s turn and Messi\'s BMW 12-
It is said that the caliber of 1975A is 1,500 Gaussian (
The brand says it is enough to withstand the influence of magnets in our equipment and its housing), a five-
Time meter-day power reserve
The certification accuracy is four to six seconds a day, five-
Annual recommended service interval.
Baomei will definitely hope that customers will be tempted by BMW\'s technology-to-value ratio.
IWC Schaffhausen: a tribute to the 150 edition of Palermo Webb, worth $57, is S. I. H. H.
This year belongs to IWC Schaffhausen, which has a history of 150 in the watchmaking industry.
The brand launched 27 limited-
Watch called Jubilee series.
The most prominent is the three watches paid tribute to the 150 edition of Pallweber, the first IWC watch to appear in digital hours and minutes later on the 19 th of the brand.
Century paler Weber pocket watch.
The time is shown by two rotary discs, which are located under two windows on a Spartan dial made of rose gold, stainless steel or platinum.
Only 25 platinum versions will be made.
Global Low
There is no sign of weakening the volume of the high watch.
The new watch this year includes some very complex parts.
Richard Miller: RM 53-
01 The Touro Pablo MacDonald price on the app exaggeration is rarely enough to describe Richard Miller\'s watch.
The latest is the second watch made for polo player Mac donoough, which combines the suspended Tourbillon with a range of materials so that the watch can withstand the violence of polo matches.
This includes the first use of a case made of laminated glass and carbon TPT in tabulation.
Parmigiani fleurier: toric capitole $390 complex aesthetics of Parmigiani Toric
The round box has double-alternating gadgets and rolling flowers --
It can be traced back to the first watch of Michelle pamjani. This new one-
Off piece is a minute repeater for on-demand Reporting, using three-
The two-pronged rotating central arm points to the retrograde scale running around the north side of the dial. GIRARD-PERREGAUX: NEO-
Skeleton of Three Bridges $138 roots of Girard-
Three in Perregaux
The Bridges concept can be traced back more than 100 years ago, but 20 years ago, the company began to skeleton its iconic movement.
The latest model to take advantage of this compelling building is the first skeleton version of the brand Neo-
The 45-year-old
The millimeter-level design with titanium as the housing is defined by three black bridges.
Van cleef & ARPELS: Midnight HEURE d\'ici & HEURE d\'ailleurs $28,300Van Cleef extends what it calls \"with this unusual handwound dual-time watch.
It shows local and home time by two jump hours (
Hours appear on the rotating disc that \"jumps\" forward every hour)
, 11 and 5 points on the dial, while the minutes are indicated by a retrograde central pointer reset every 60 minutes.
Roger dubuis: the excalibur aventador s version is $194, and the watch industry is still mourning Roger Dubuis, who died on October, at the age of 79.
The memory of the industry veteran and brand founder lies in the extraordinary watch of his name, including the Lamborghini-
Inspired work made of skeletal C-
SMC carbon and motion with dual spring balances are more accurate.
Ulysse nardin: freak vision $95,000 first Freak, the first to use silicon in tabulation in 2001, this material is heavily used in Freak Vision, the first automatic monster, it was also the first to use some of the techniques advertised in the brand\'s 2017 InnoVision 2 concept watch.
But, like the monsters of the past, this new watch is characterized by the absence of a crown and the use of movement to show time.
Grebel forsay: Greenwich timeprice in U. S.
The low-key and excellent Greubel Forsey studio continues to produce exaggerated watches. This 33-
One piece version, three in one
The GMT Earth patent is essentially multiple times
But in the hands of the company\'s visionaries, it has become three.
Dimensional tabulation theater.
See the rotating spherical sphere showing Universal Time and tilt 24
The second Tourbillon
The Swiss watch industry is proud of innovation, but it also knows the power of its timeless design.
To meet the needs of today\'s consumers, many of them have been improved this year.
Cartier: Santos de cutier, $20, 400cartier highlighted what it calls the form of munterres de les or watches, continuing to restore its original watch design this year
The appearance has barely changed since the 1904 debut, but the new version is a model of the brand\'s QuickSwitch and SmartLink systems, developing some products that can save the hassle of replacing straps and adjusting bracelets.
As in the past, the references cover the dimensions of metals, straps, and shells, many of which are Cartier 1847 MC in-
As shown in Figure 18, house automatic including a new large modelRose gold in calarat.
Montblanc 1858 30 MONOPUSHER chronograph limited edition 100 $, Minerva 000Montblanc\'s tabulation studio is one of the legendary collectors.
The German company uses Swiss watch technology to produce manual movements for classic watches.
Looks like 40-
Mm 1858 Monopusher timed, smoked green released this year
2018 early signs of design trends.
OFFICINE Panerai: LUMINOR of the second team of the Olympic team due to the moon-
At $38mm, the 300The industry-wide trend towards a smaller watch finally reached Panerai, with its latest Luminor Due diameter of 38mm, making it a company made in Florence
The red gold, with ivory dial and blue figures, the blue alligator leather strap, also shows that Panerai is more active in pursuing women than ever before.
Hermes: 7, 725 Hermes S. I. H. H.
The return of Carlyle H will be remembered as the work of lodestar designer Marc Berthier.
The prolific Frenchman zoomed in on the watch and added a series of lettering and finishes to the dial, as well as graphic numbers formed by exclusive new fonts.
It\'s powered by Hermes.
The house is sporty and features a barnia leather strap.
Aihe: Royal Oak Offshore self-winding time table $27, offshore, sports grade, heavier-
Set alter ego (genuinely)
The iconic 1972 Royal Oak made its debut in 1993, when Swiss watchmaker regained its footing after a Quartz Crisis of 1970 and 1980. In its 25th-
Anniversary, offshore is now 42-
Mm stainless steel time meter. JAEGER-
Jijia-REVERSO Gong DUOFACEPrice on application Jaeger-
The favorite LeCoultre of the Polo players and Casa Fagliano, the Argentine boot maker, are once again combined to create one of the Swiss company\'s art deco reverts.
This watch is pink.
Gold case with two dials
Slate gray on the front and silver on the back-
This shows a different time zone and it has two
Leather strap Tone liano. A.
Lange and thorn: a tribute to Walter Lange for 1815 euros; price in U. S.
The news of Walter Lange\'s death overshadowed S. I. H. H. last year.
The memory of the man who brought the advanced watch-making process back to grassuti, Germany, in 1990 was an inspiration for this one --
Stainless steel pieces with jump seconds.
Will be auctioned for charity; limited-
Precious metal version will also be produced.
The Swiss independent watchmaker has been responsible for many in S. I. H. H.
17 independents, five of whom are new members this year, gathered in the performing area of Carrey de horogs. URWERK: UR-
The spin satellite complications of 210 Black Platinum $155 urwerk show the time, which it calls \"wandering Time\", three spires that extend along the retrograde minute scale.
Every 60 minutes, these rotate in 1/10 seconds and start the new hour in the blink of an eye.
Only 20 of these parts are made of platinum and are coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon)
And titanium. H.
MOSER & CIE: The Endeavour Tourbillon concept is priced at $69 in its latest iteration of endeavor watch H.
Moser & Cie added an opening to its iconic trendy blue dial, showcasing a Flying Tourbillon.
Although the brand produces only 1,200 watches per year, it develops and produces its own hair circle, which is at the heart of the watch organization.
Resence: Type 2 E-
Crown concepts\' will announce that its rotating dial will recognize the mechanical type 2 by Ressence\'s e-this year-
The automatic electronic system, Crown technology, automatically sets the watch to the correct time.
The wearer can connect the watch to the app for adjustment depending on the location.
Or the system can be turned off, making the watch almost a regular watch.
Ferdinand: FB-1R. 6-
With the support of Chopin\'s $245,000, Ferdinand besod has made good progress since its 2015 introduction.
Its latest advanced clock is a regulator (
Watch with non
Coaxial split needle)
Deployed an old one. school fusée-and-
Chain drive, can be seen through a pair of transverse holes in the watch\'s carbon-infected stainless steel housing.
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