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by:Joacii     2021-03-18
The texture, color and wearing position of the brooch need to be coordinated with the clothing. For example, when wearing a suit, you should choose a solid color, design a low-key and restrained brooch, and wear a sweater with a novel, chic, small and exquisite brooch. 1. Suits are more formal clothing. When choosing a brooch, try to keep it simple and low-key. Some solid-color metal brooches not only reflect your dressing intentions, but also won't appear flashy. Very suitable for formal occasions. 2. Compared with suits, shirts are much more casual. At this time, you can choose the brooch according to the occasion to wear. If it is a relaxing leisure time, a lively, cute and novel brooch can be displayed to your heart's content. If it is work clothes, it is more appropriate not to wear a button-sized brooch. 3. Denim jacket Denim jacket is the exclusive world of brooches. In many denim designs, the original design has already added brooch design elements. If you like hip-hop and trendy punk style, brooches with rivets and chains are your best choice. Even if you hang up your clothes, there is no sense of contradiction, making the style very lively. 4. Sweaters and sweaters are made of soft materials. When choosing a brooch, it is best to choose a metal brooch as an embellishment, especially when you are wearing a full-body cotton coat, the metal brooch has a good light and reflective effect, which is very eye-catching. 5. Wear solid color dresses when dressing, simple brooches have a good embellishment effect. The brooch in the style shown in the picture below is very conspicuous. But if you are wearing a printed dress or a polka-dot dress, you don't need a brooch, because the effect is not very obvious. 6. Other brooches are widely used, not only for tops, but also for pants, scarves, and even socks. As long as you discover with your heart, there will always be unexpected surprises. Nature constantly changes with the different colors of the four seasons. The sky is blue in spring, green in summer, deep yellow in autumn, and white in winter. For more brooch styles and related news, please pay attention to the website, or consult online (phone) about the processing of gold brooches. Xiamen Co., Ltd. can provide ODM with similar samples/new styles/revisions. OEM customers can accept custom processing with patterns. Next post: [Gold brooch processing] How to use brooches to make you the icing on the cake in seasons? Previous post: How to choose the brooch according to the face shape? Guangzhou Jewelry Factory
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