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by:Joacii     2021-03-18
When choosing a brooch, you must exclude those fancy styles. When faced with many people, it appears to be second, low-key and tasteful. From the brooch of the news network host, we can see that the brooch is simple in design and will not go wrong in formal occasions. The occasions we usually face are divided into casual occasions and formal occasions. Casual occasions refer to occasions where you do not need to face customers or leaders, such as vacations, shopping, appointments, etc. The state of the whole person is relaxed. At this time, choosing a cute brooch according to the overall shape of the clothing will be very flattering. For formal occasions, the brooch for formal occasions should reflect a steady image and be clean and tidy. Usually a brooch with a lapel on the collar, used for more formal and solemn occasions. Wearing on the collar Generally, when wearing a suit or windbreaker, it will be worn on the collar. This is to pay attention to the wearing position. It is best to wear about 10 cm below the shoulder. For more brooch styles and related news, please pay attention to the website, or consult online (phone) about the processing of gold brooches. Xiamen Co., Ltd. can provide ODM for similar samples/new models/revisions. OEM customers can accept custom processing with patterns. Next post: How to wear brooches, do you think brooches are worn on your chest? -Xiamen Jewelry Factory Previous post: [Gold Brooch Processing] How to use brooches to make you the icing on the cake in seasons?
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