How about the jewelry trends of 2011 autumn and

by:Joacii     2020-05-24
1. Fashion and theatricality style Fashionable women like jewelry that can express their personal style. First of all, colorful gemstones are the focus, no matter the high-end or popular jewelry. The main point of design can be a large gemstone or many pieces gemstones; they can go with any other gemstones, diamonds or K gold, rich multi colors, create different effects. Prevalence of K gold gave us a better display platform. Different length necklace, overlapping wearing necklace and bracelet, necklace of dripping with different size circular, sphere, crystal, peal and other materials. To give the combination of graphics some more details, add comparison of density, excess and deficiency. 2. Nostalgic and Retro Style Retro wind is blowing in fashion world, such as Indian style, Japanese style and China jewelry style, some gemstones or enamel with the color of coral-red, rose, dark green and blue reflect the rich retro romantic feelings. Especially the mystical artistic conception of Eastern and strong cultural content, designers are well-liked these materials. Now the Western jewelry assimilated the Oriental elements, so jewelry is no longer completely traditional, but also unity of form and spirit, full of flavor 3. Romantic and natural style Flowers, butterflies, insects, leaves and water droplets, these beautiful natural things have become major patterns of jewelry design in recent years. Today, flowers pattern designs oncoming force fierceness, they had become the favorite patterns designs of colorful gems. Of cause, earrings models butterfly and leaves inlaid diamond pieces are the main form of expression. These variety designs jewelry give women a feeling of innocence, romance and fairy tales. 4.Elegant and simplicity style Simplicity and elegance are the eternal theme. Traditional diamond and pearl, etc. will carry the simple and elegant style to the end. Some gold and platinum jewelry are very delicate, refined and full of curves, they are the favorite jewelry of elegant and refined ladies. Such as simple small pendant, bracelet placed in small geometric pattern. The classic four-claw with diamond process recovery, so that more women are willing to collection. This inlay method, so that light from all angles into the diamond, to shows the most perfect color of round diamond. Of course, the elegant and simplicity style also have some new forms, for example, with black and white and so on. Combinations of black diamond and platinum , combination Brass jewelry and white pearls, combinations of black onyx and diamond pieces and so on, and make people feel a combination of black and white, as if Hepburn-like elegance and immortality.
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