How cheap diamonds pick where to buy a diamond

by:Joacii     2020-08-05
Buy a diamond to go? Diamonds are a girl's best friend, this is everybody know, buy a diamond to go? Beautiful diamond, which is used to set made diamond ring or other diamond jewelry, can fully display the charm of women, but everyone wants to buy the most cost-effective diamond, so buy diamond where to buy this diamond? Let the author tell you! Meet love first, before buying diamonds we must first understand the relevant knowledge about the diamond, buy a diamond to go? Diamond prices and quality are decided by diamond 4 c, 4 c is diamonds clarity, cut, weight, and color, want to buy diamonds have a friend don't know where to buy, the first thing to consider your budget, the best way is to our strengths, if there is no economic basis also nothing important, we can fluctuate in selecting diamond 4 c, if you buy a diamond is mainly used to wear, can choose a diamond in the 4 c when appropriate to reduce the requirement, can choose low diamond clarity grade, but cut is close friends certainly grade, it is best to 3 ex eight arrow of Cupid eight heart cut, can maximum limit blossom a diamond light! Where to buy diamond is the cheapest? It is best to shop around, check out some diamond shop, price comparison, the author thinks that if you want to buy to the most competitive diamond, it is best to choose a few diamond electric company, this kind of diamond merchants cut to too many middlemen link, the price is generally half of the jewelry store, if choose the brand merchants, because the added value of brand is high, finally add in the price of diamond, diamond prices have also become more expensive, so the author suggest it is best to choose diamond electricity! Where to buy diamond, the author will analysis for everyone here, more knowledge, welcome to land net of jewelry in recent years, the jewelry in the domestic big cities such as shenzhen, guangzhou and chengdu has more than the experience shop, shop in the ground of experience and the way of uniting online mall, let more consumer experience to the benefits of the jewelry marketing model. Jewelry pattern, means 'FactoryToCustomer, all diamond jewelry factory direct customer', completely compressed industry chain, get rid of traditional market retail and ordinary e-commerce all the intermediate links, make it easy for consumers to buy cost-effective diamond. Develop reading: how to choose diamond South African diamond diamond grade
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