How do earrings decorate our face?

by:Joacii     2021-03-09
How do earrings decorate our face? -Accessories Many people like to wear earrings, but did you know? Earrings can't be worn casually, unless you only bring a pair of small earrings. If you want to make earrings icing on the cake instead of superfluous, jewelry factory Let me tell you how to improve your temperament by wearing earrings. But in fact, earrings can not only play the finishing touch, but also modify the face! In layman's terms, it is 'face-lifting'! In life, everyone has a different face from others. In addition to the image difference of the five sense organs, the features of the face shape are the most important. Long face, square face, round face, oval face, rectangular face, triangle face, rhombus face, etc., give people different appearance and feeling. The color and shape of the earrings can be radiant if they are cleverly matched with the shape of the face. If you don't pay attention to the coordination and set off, it will be self-defeating. Round earrings should not be used for beautiful eyebrows. It is best to wear larger earrings or triangular or drop-shaped earrings with upper and lower sides, which can reduce the broadness of the cheeks and visually lengthen the shape of the face. A square face needs to be visually softened to the facial lines. It is suitable to choose flower-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped earrings, which can relax and modify the rhomboid of the face and reduce the shortcomings of too obvious facial lines. Today’s knowledge on how to decorate our face with earrings is here for everyone. If you want to know more about earrings, please inquire: 13302649640
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