How much is one carat diamond Cartier?

by:Joacii     2020-08-08
How much is one carat diamond Cartier? Old brand Cartier as a jewelry industry, people at the time of buy diamond jewelry, often think of him, so he's a carat diamond is how many money? Is it expensive? Below, we will look at some of the authors to sort out these data, to know about the diamond Cartier is how much money a carat. Happiness blooms as everybody knows, how much is to realize the value of the diamond, will see its first 4 c standard, also is the diamond, color, weight, purity and cutters. One of this weight is by carat of a unit, a carat is equal to 0. 2 g is equal to 200 mg is equal to 100 points, under the same color and purity, the Cartier diamond should be larger, the price of the greater, but if is a carat diamond, at that time, how much is the diamond by judging other 3 c. Known, the color of the diamond, the more close to colorless, the more valuable, a cara diamond Cartier, in addition to these two aspects, how much influence the diamond, there are only a human factors, is cut, most of the time, had been discovered in diamonds, his color, weight, purity is fixed, only through cutting, his value will be higher, so a carat diamond, how much money he value, almost everyone know about how much money a Cartier diamond kara, the author is to introduce the first arrived here, if you want to purchase a yo carats of diamonds or knowledge of the diamond is what do not understand, can see, our customer service will be for your detailed answers.
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