how statement earrings can help big ears look smaller

by:Joacii     2020-03-04
For women with big ears, the trend of delicate earrings is difficult.
Small pieces of jewelry, while amazing, are usually lost on the big earlobe and will actually make them look bigger than they were.
So, what is big-
What about Elde girls?
Of course, you can go to the earrings.
Statement earrings provide a good proportion for women with big ears that can help balance them.
Chandeliers, tassels and earrings are everywhere on the runway for good reason.
They can wear a suit from good to good, making it easy to wear clothes. An all-
The black set with a pair of beautiful gold earrings is probably the most fashionable (and easiest)thing to wear.
So, hug your big ears and take a look at the 10 am pair earrings below.
Oscar de la lunta starfish clip trademark drop earrings, $198
On the earrings, Vanessa Mooney for Vanessa d knotted tassel earrings costs $225, BaubleBar Hooping drops for $45, and 34J for $34.
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