How to buy a diamond for diamond how to buy

by:Joacii     2020-08-13
Getting more how to buy a diamond? Diamonds on behalf of nobility, atmosphere, eternal, diamond buying diamond is certainly a lot of pursuers a eternal topic, how to buy diamond can not be cheated by undesirable businessman? In fact, the Internet and a lot of articles about buying diamond related skills, but are separate, more one-sided answer, so how to buy a diamond? Want to know how to buy diamond heart attachment, first will have a certain knowledge of diamond, diamond know why so expensive, why is it so popular, what are the key factors of diamond prices? In the world of diamond, there is a very important standard, called the diamond 4 c, if you often buy jewelry, you will find in jewelry stores often placed at the counter of a brand, that is the 4 c diamond, diamond studs are written above, cut, color, and weight, the 4 c diamond is decided the main factors of diamond prices and quality! Factors determine the price of diamond, the highest proportion of weight, that is to say, if the other 3 c diamond are the same, so the weight of the diamond as long as to add a little, the price will be multiplied several times, so for the economic strength is not a very good friend, the authors suggest to choose diamond weight low, measuring unit is carat diamond weight, comes from a plant, how to buy diamond, if have no money, can choose the following carat diamond, carat diamond measurement unit for the following, a carat is equal to 100 grading to zero. 2 g! How to buy a diamond, the author will analysis for everyone here, more knowledge, welcome to land net of jewelry can also consult our customer service directly, jewelry to start marketing mode of Chinese jewelry factory direct customers, overturn traditional jewelry stores sell diamond pattern, make diamond directly from the manufacturer to your home, bring you a brand new 'international quality, the price of populist, personalization' diamond. Relying on its own international creative jewelry factory and global direct naked drill inventory resources, establish a diamond speed of the supply chain system, leading diamond 'fast fashion'. Develop reading: platinum ring ring brand a carat naked drill wear platinum wedding ring
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