How to buy diamond is the most correct how to buy a diamond

by:Joacii     2020-08-06
How to buy diamond is the most correct? Diamond buying actually very simple, mainly himself to the diamond to understand and choose the time of diamond merchants pay attention to, how to buy a diamond? If you will have know about diamonds are friends, can bring forward together, how to buy to buy the best diamond, if there is no such a close friend, what should I do? The heart of the ocean so can only rely on our own efforts, how to buy a diamond? Understanding of the diamond knowledge is a must, first of all, the quality of the diamond quality is determined by the 4 c diamond, diamond cutters, weight, clarity, and color, if there is no economic strength, how to buy a suitable diamond? Can choose a high cut, clarity, and color of diamonds, because of the diamond cut directly affect the fire color of the diamond diamond can receive maximum out the refraction of light and full of diamonds, diamond cutters has played a pivotal role, more common cutters is 3 ex cut, as for the weight of the diamond, depends on your economic strength, if there is no economic basis, the best is to buy around diamond is ok! As for clarity level and color level, due to the drawbacks of diamonds in the P level above is visible to the naked eye can't see, so the author suggests to choose P + diamond clarity grade, there is no need to try so hard, unless you are used to investment, if used to wear is not necessary, which friend will be particularly with high power microscope to see you wear a diamond ring? How to buy the most suitable for their own diamonds, and finally depends on diamond after-sales service and diamond appraisal certificate, after-sales service are generally have a deadline for replacement, and so on, diamond appraisal certificate in general is given priority to with the GIA certificate, more authoritative, reliable! How to buy diamond is the most correct, the author will analyze more knowledge to welcome you all here for you land net of jewelry, jewelry in the domestic big cities such as shenzhen, guangzhou and chengdu has more than a large jewellery store experience, through the ground to experience shop and the way of uniting online mall, let more consumer experience to the benefits of the jewelry marketing model. Develop reading: how to choose diamond South African diamond diamond brand
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