How to buy diamond is the most cost-effective

by:Joacii     2020-08-21
When buy diamond price now is the problem that many consumers are very seriously, pay more attention to cost performance when buying a diamond ring. Because the price is higher than other jewelry accessories, when buying a diamond ring so it should be to select the diamond. No matter the wedding ring, wedding ring, diamond rings are to be set on the diamond, but do not forget that diamond is costly, choose diamond standard only don't choose the right. So what the most cost-effective to buy diamond? Eternal classic how to buy the most cost-effective must first distinguish diamonds 4 c standard 4 c including diamond, diamond carat, color, clarity, cut a can't be little, diamond 4 c of each factor will directly affect the diamond actual prices. Some factors in the human eye alone is not see too much difference, but diamonds of different grade, the price is a big difference. Such as diamond studs, diamond studs are unable to see with the naked eye inclusions in diamonds. Clarity of the different price is far away. How to buy diamond is the most cost-effective and second to determine the shape of the diamond circular diamond wedding ring is the most popular shape, also is the most common use of the diamond shape. Most people are also choose the circular diamond, diamond wedding ring style is also very much. Other princess square, oval, marquis or pear shape belongs to the special shape diamonds, such as foreign popular special drill, special shape diamonds also get many others for wear, deformed drill can suitable for all kinds of temperament and character requirements. On the price due to the wastage of the special-shaped diamond cutting is smaller than round diamonds will be many, so the price will be relatively cheap round diamonds, is quite cost-effective choice. Choose the shape of a diamond, of course, the most important is to see my personal preferences. Develop reading: diamond ring valentine's day wedding video diamond brand ranking
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