How to choose diamond style diamond design is how much

by:Joacii     2020-08-06
How to choose diamond design? Diamond style selection mainly depends on the shape of a diamond, diamond standards and so on, choose what you want diamond model, coupled with the Mosaic way, they want to choose diamond ring material, can be tailored to what we want diamond rings, this is the diamond ring order process, let's talk about the process of diamond model selection! Impulse to speak of from the shape of diamond, diamond shape has a lot of, but as a result of satisfactory thought since the ancient times of China, so a lot of friends in selecting diamond style can choose round diamonds, in addition to the diamond shape and water droplets shape, olive shape, heart, square, baguette and heart, in simple terms, a heart-shaped diamond for lovers to send each other between the newly - married or is going to marry the ring, and olive shape for more famous person of wear, square diamond usually is the first selection of star, water droplets form represents a touching love this style! Pick out the shape of a diamond, then there is diamond standards, to choose the right style, diamond standards is also very important, mainly is the 4 c diamond, diamond clarity, cut, and carat weight, and color and so on, to get married it is good to wear diamond is choose those diamond cutters, cutters directly affect the fire of the diamond color, popular cutters is mainly diamond eight heart, eight arrows, meaning love, and the unit is the carat weight, lies in its own budget, budget sufficient can choose bigger diamonds, otherwise choose diamond can be 30 points, which is popular on the market of diamond score! Diamond model selection method for everyone here, want to learn more about the diamond design? The Internet cafes to jewelry! Jewelry with 'website + experience + phone' platform, three big purchase channels of drill solid sales network, traditional stores sell diamond model, through online sales website and the experience of major cities set up shop in China, let consumers enjoy the smart buy drill perfect experience. Develop reading: how to choose diamond diamond prices South African diamond
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