How to choose diamonds selection should pay attention to

by:Joacii     2020-08-21
Each girls all want to have a belongs to own diamond, has nothing to do with the size of the diamonds, just for that one word. That the diamonds are how to choose to keep your share of the eternal love shine? Because the diamond belongs to luxury, choose to value the diamond? 。 Diamond how to choose the right? First you have to make sure your pocket have how much money for you to insure the eternal love. Be clear, the world, you get what you pay for is not wrong. If you only have the budget of thirty thousand yuan, diamond: how do you choose good diamond also choose not to. Can you can consider this time buy naked drill, what is a naked drill, the diamond ring is finished, we see in the jewelry store naked drill is semi-finished products. Only a diamond, not up. But generally sell naked drill shop will have it up. Choose diamond ring styles, you can go to a jewelry store and then get to do it up to you. In price will give you save a sum of money, but also can meet your requirement. Method using the above a diamond, diamond how to choose a more affordable, but not if the price is materially beneficial in assaying the fineness of the diamond is a blemish. Here you learn professional knowledge of the diamond. Let's illustrate how should choose the diamonds. International diamond's assessment of the above mentioned 4 c theory. What is the 4 c: color, weight, color, cut. No matter how diamond choose how we, the ultimate goal is to let the woman take a diamond ring the moment of glorious takes a person. The 4 c, the most important thing is to cut in diamond flash flash, the main determinant is cut. So pay more attention to point the diamond. Generally have appraisal certificate, should be of big brands. About color and clarity, the actually with the naked eye can be very good, respectively.
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