How to collect what kind of diamonds is worth collecting

by:Joacii     2020-08-14
Explaining the human unique precious love, get married diamond ring is a crystallization of a happy marriage. Not a commodity in the world is sold in a few years, will also accept the return price, in addition to the diamond, diamond always rise in price now. As wedding essentials, how to collect diamonds, diamonds have been all over each big market, know more the living you know what kind of diamonds to be worth to collect. Diamond heart attachment asked space will be a lot of investment? In fact, can only say that naked drill liquidity is bigger than the diamond ring. Diamond ring involving different the style of The Times, no unified standard. It doesn't mean that diamond ring collection value than naked drill. In a are all carat diamond necklace, American to find dozens of exactly the same size, color, shape of diamond will take at least 2 years, than the same size of naked drill is even more difficult to find. More than 10 carat diamond and more than 5 carat diamond color is also very valuable. Diamond and diamond from the same piece of ore output, but the color of diamond mining rate is much lower than white diamonds. 5 carat pink diamond is very rare. Color to the top ranks of the above 5 carat diamond, diamond is very has the collection value. The output of colored diamonds are scarce. People usually think that shapes more strange and complex diamond will be more expensive, but that is not the case. As 4 c level of naked drill, the most expensive is the most rare is circular and pillow. Because the original rock of the diamond itself is irregular shape, so you need to cut into various shapes of diamonds, depends on the distribution of the original stone diamond inclusions and the size of the original rock of diamond. Round diamond is the most expensive, apparently because not only requires the shape of a diamond has more rules of original rock, and the need to cut to many parts of original rock is the most diamond. Develop reading 1 carat diamond ring diamond ring custom how much one carat diamond ring
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