How to identify silver jewelry when going out to buy

by:Joacii     2021-03-17
Although silver jewellery is not expensive, it can be true or false. There are usually the following methods of identification. Color discrimination method: observe with eyes, look white, shiny, fine workmanship, and printed on the jewelry store number, silver jewelry with high fineness; poor color, dull silver jewelry, although not expensive, but There are also true and false, usually there are the following identification methods. Color identification method: Observed by eyes, it looks white, shiny, finely crafted, and has a shop number printed on the jewelry, which is high-quality silver jewelry; the color is poor and dull are mostly fake silver jewelry. Bending method: lightly fold silver jewelry by hand, the fineness of the easy bend and not easy to break is higher; the fineness of the rigid and barely bend is lower; the silver jewelry will be cracked after bending or a few hammers; it cannot stand it. Lightly foldable and easily broken are fakes. Nitric acid identification method: Use a glass rod to drop nitric acid on the mouth of the silver jewelry file. The color of brown and greenish color is higher; the color of dark green and black is lower. Throwing method: throw the silver jewelry from top to bottom on the table, the bounce is not high, the sound is stable, the silver jewelry is high; the one that jumps high on the table, the sound is high, it is fake or the color Low silver jewelry. Prev: Questions and Answers on Silver Jewelry Maintenance Next: What is silver washing water and what is silver wiping cloth
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