how to make gold-filled beaded hoop earrings

by:Joacii     2020-04-29
Making your own earrings is fun and simple.
In this video we learn how to make gold
Some wires, pliers, beads, and beads filled with an empty medicine bottle.
Take a line 20 of 6 inch and wrap it in a medicine bottle.
Then you take your round mouth pliers and bend the wire tip at a 90 degree angle to finish with a circle.
You can create ideas with what you wear for beads.
In this video it shows a purple focus bead and 30 regular beads.
So you put 15 regular beads first and then 15 regular beads.
Now you want to bend this tip of the wire so your beads don\'t fall off.
You circle it with a straight stem.
The stem is something that goes through your ears.
After you determine the length you want, you cut it off and bend the end.
This keeps it locked and you just finished the earrings.
It\'s time for accessories!
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