how to recognize silver jewelry

by:Joacii     2020-05-04
Silver jewelry is considered one of the most popular jewelry in the market.
They have different designs and colors.
Because it is designed to be a unique model, some fashion followers like it.
Most of the time, people decorate their beautiful clothes with silver jewelry.
Although there are all kinds of silver jewelry on the market, you should be very careful when you choose silver jewelry for yourself.
When you start looking for silver jewelry, you will encounter several types of fake silver jewelry in the market.
These jewels look like real silver jewelry.
Many people buy fake jewelry by mistaking it for real without knowing it.
If you want to ignore such mistakes, you should know how to identify real silver jewelry.
In this article, you will encounter some tips through which you can distinguish between real silver jewelry and fake jewelry.
When buying this type of jewelry, the first thing to notice is the color of the jewelry.
The decoration you want to buy is lead. It will be a little blue. -gray color.
If it is made of copper, the surface of the ornament will be rough and will not glow.
The second important thing will help you determine that a real silver ornament is a weight ornament.
Compared with other metals, silver has a higher density.
If you buy jewelry that is large in size but light in weight, that means it is made of other kinds of metal.
Another thing worth noting is that when looking for real silver jewelry, it is necessary to verify its hardness.
Silver is much softer than copper, but much harder than tin and lead.
You can scrape it with a pin.
If you can\'t mark the jewelry, you can understand that it\'s made of copper.
If you can scratch in a simple way, if the mark makes a deep impression, it means that the jewelry is made of tin or lead.
If you can\'t make any type of marking, make sure it\'s a silver jewelry.
You can judge decorations by listening.
To do this, you need to throw the ornaments off the ground.
If you can hear a crisp voice, it means that you choose Sterling silver.
If the jewelry contains less silver, it will make a soft sound.
If the decoration is made of copper, it will make a loud, piecemeal sound.
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