If you thought that pearls are reserved only for old ladies

by:Joacii     2020-05-15
As you all know is a pearl in a mollusc, formed when an irritant or foreign body in the body of the bead occurs. If this process occurs naturally, the bead is formed as a natural pearl known. However, if a pearl, by making a small piece of round pearl in the shell, it is called a cultured pearl. Most of the pearls found today called cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are in no way inferior to natural pearls, and they can be found in various shapes, sizes and colors. If you are planning to buy a pearl necklace, then make sure you avoid your purchase from a reputable jeweler who duped. Here we will get to know in detail about the different styles of pearl necklaces for women who are popular and trendy. Design and styles of pearl necklaces for women One of the classic and elegant design in beads is the collar style necklace with a single strand. As the name implies, the length of a choker style necklace comes to the clavicle. It is usually made of round white pearls, and there is a single strand necklace. It is a timeless and classic design and is the perfect jewelry for a formal dinner party are borne. You can also select a collar style necklace in pink oval pearls for a more modern look. Another popular style of pearl necklace isthe matinee style necklace. It is about 20-24 cm long. It is best to be worn with casual clothing reserved. One of the hottest pearl necklace design is the lasso-style necklace. A lariat style necklace consists of two fifty-eight beads that are suspended from a thin gold or silver chain. A lariat style necklace has no clasp and the chain is by threading one end of the chain through the loop attached to the other. It is a very versatile style of pearl necklace and can be used with casual and elegant clothes together. Another great design in beads is the rope style pearl necklace. It is composed of beads strung around a long chain, which is about 37 inches long. You can choose from small oval to round pearl beads in shades of pink, off white to black, choose. This type of rope style pearl necklaces looks great when she paired with maxi dresses and jumpsuits. If you take in search of a modern classic pearl necklace, then you can not go wrong with the many pearls. A multiple pearl necklace consists of five fifty-seven beads, which are of varying length. Several strands of pearls in pink, gold and white colors look very fetching and elegant. Unique Pearl Necklaces by combining pearls with other gems such as aquamarine and briolette crystals and are also very popular. These were some of the designs and styles of pearl necklaces for women who are fashionable and elegant. A beautiful pearl necklace is a must-have accessory in every woman's jewelry box. A pearl necklace can dress up even the simplest outfit and
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