Is your man on the verge of popping the big question?

by:Joacii     2020-05-05
Breathe easy! We are here to help you future brides-to-be. There is still time before the big E-day. Let's go over some of the latest trends to hit jewelry stores this summer. Grab little sis and we'll start exploring all the wonderful and unique options to choose from. Then your faithful younger sibling can steer Mr. Right in the perfect direction. By far, the biggest trends we are seeing in jewelry shops this season are floral-detailed rings. Leaves and vines add sweet, romantic touches along bands, while flowers and buds surround and enhance sparkling diamonds. Sticking with a nature theme, a lot of ladies are choosing colored stones with earthly hues. Never before have we seen colored diamonds and other semi-precious stones so popular. This untraditional trend is taking hold of the jewelry industry, and we are loving the results. Sapphires as blue as the ocean and emeralds as green as any mountain meadow are dazzling on ring fingers everywhere. Rubies and garnets are firing up proposals, while soft pink quartz ensembles are adding sweeter notes to marriage affirmations. There is likely a royal connection with the sapphire frenzy, yet any of thesecolorful chooses are a classy and stylish route to take. Some other trends we are seeing are coming from a more architectural standpoint. Some designers are setting stones horizontally, which, to the eye, makes a stone look even bigger than it actually is. This technique works perfectly with oval and emerald gems. Want to get the most sparkle for your buck? Look into the double-halo. These two-tiered rings look fabulous and give off crazy bling! So now that little sis is armed with her new mission, you can sleep a little better at night knowing your man is in good hands. These fashions are sure to be in every store. Professional staff will take over once he's picked out your ideal engagement ring and your secret spy can report back the good news. Oh, and be sure to act surprised on the big day. We have a feeling with these amazing chooses, any of them will have you saying yes!
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