It is a dilemma all couples face. She wants a big rock

by:Joacii     2020-05-09
You just have to be a little open-minded and start thinking outside the ring box. We promise not to send you down any dark alleys or to the pawnshop either! Go Green! - You don't have to buy a natural diamond these days. There are incredible synthetic options available. These eco-friendly gems are made in labs and look and feel like the real deal, without the insane price tag! Treat her like a Princess - Choosing a center stone that is anything other than a diamond is very popular amongst the ladies these days. (Thanks Diana and Kate!) Especially if it's a sapphire, emerald, ruby, or any other semiprecious gem. You can even add touches of smaller, more affordable diamonds around the larger rock. Mom knows best! - Get your future mother-in-law in on the action. No mom wants her baby girl to go without, so ask her if she has a special diamond or other gem she wouldn't mind parting with. Take the rock to a trusted jeweler a have it reset in a more modern fashion. We know she'll love and appreciate how thoughtful the idea is. Get your metal on! - Titanium, rose gold, stainless steel, tungsten, and a melange of other metals are all less expensive than their gold, silver, and platinum counterparts. Plus they are often more durable and scratch resistant. Oh, and did we mention, really cool?! Get loose - Buying loose diamonds and gemstones is another extremely affordable alternative to purchasing the cookie-cutter versions you see in glass cases. Does your lady know exactly what ring she wants? That's perfect! Find the exact rock and buy it from a loose stone website. Once you've received it, visit a trusted jeweler and design the setting. Voila! Now that you know how it's really done gentleman, we feel confident you'll take on this engagement ring challenge with a new and informed vigor. Just remember - the right lady will always say yes to any affordable engagement ring you present. However, once she finds out the effort and creativity you put into any of these options, she is sure to cherish her ring, and you even more!
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