It's perhaps impossible to imagine an Indian wedding

by:Joacii     2020-05-19
Typically, the bride wears ear rings, finger rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, maang tikka, anklets, and much more. Traditional and Contemporary A trend decorating a bride with chic and designer wedding jewelry in different styles and colors that started almost 5000 years ago continues in every Indian wedding today. Pendants, necklaces, earrings, tiaras, bracelets etc form the essentials. Bridal jewelry is the biggest source of an industry that is the largest of anywhere in the world, and consumes the most gold sold. (Tip: shop for gold in the summer months, when the world gold prices are the lowest due to a slow period in Indian weddings.) Especially, since the wedding day is the most important, and the one and only such day, in a bride's life, wedding jewelry is very significant. To make the occasion perfect, wedding ladies love to beautify themselves from head to toe with jewelry that, in fact, complements her attire and personality along with graceful looking whereas the people think of jewelry as a means of celebrating the body. Elegant styles The bridal jewelry displayed in India include, for instance, maang tikka or tiara (used to adorn the centre forehead parting of the bride), earrings, nose rings or nath, necklaces, armbands, bangles (chudi and kara), waistbands, rings, ring bracelets, toe rings, and various local and regional jewelry types. Some of the more common regional fair includes anklets, jhoomars, haath phool, mangal sutra, matha patti etc. In addition, jewelries worn by the Indian bride also includes a host of different varieties. For instance, bracelets can be diamond bracelets, gold bracelets, steel bracelets, bracelets studded with gems, silver bracelets, pearl bracelets, lack bracelets, and now common platinum bracelets. Earrings include diamond earrings, crystal (most commonly Swarovski) earrings, gold and platinum earrings, pearl and precious stone earrings etc; necklaces and pendants include gold, silver and platinum necklaces, crystal pendants, diamond and precious stone pendants, and pearl pendants. Mangal sutras are also worn by some brides, in addition to necklaces. A growing trend in metropolitan regions these days is to rent jewelry instead of buying it. First, this lets the bride wear a lot more jewelry on the wedding day since renting is cheaper than buying. This also is easier since instead of spending a few days trying and buying jewelry sets, brides can just walk into one store and choose all they need from a wedding register. This is more so given the busy lifestyles and careers of most young people.
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