Jewelry factory: Respect is the prerequisite for winning orders

by:Joacii     2021-03-18
Some jewelry manufacturers always have some misconceptions. Like to directly link the number of orders with the status of the guests. In other words, if you give me more orders, I will value you, and if you place fewer orders, I will just deal with it casually. Hajime didn't know that this kind of mentality directly determines how many customers you can hold and how many orders you can win. The customer is not a fool, even more savvy than you. You don't pay attention to him when there are few orders, and when he has more orders, he doesn't bother to take care of you. For 17 years, we have been committed to developing new products and serving new and old customers. No matter how small the customer’s order is or how difficult the product is, we treat them equally, make samples carefully, produce carefully, and strive to complete each batch of production orders, and do our best to satisfy customers. All product needs. It is precisely this kind of service attitude that treats the customer's affairs as one's own, and treats the customer's problems as their own problems to solve. The factories in the same industry have entered the off-season of production, and they are idle until there is no work to add or even no shift When it was available, the orders were still saturated (but no matter what, I always insist on making my own orders. This is not to make more profits, but I really don’t worry about putting the products in other jewelry factories for production, because the quality is no longer Control yourself). 'Only by respecting customers can we win orders.' This is true. It is precisely because of respecting every customer that customers continue to introduce new customers. Just this morning, Mr. Wang, an old customer in Xiamen, personally led his own My friend Mr. Zhang came. After visiting the exhibition hall and the production line, he believed Mr. Liu because he believed him. Mr. Lu directly placed the order and produced the bulk goods after the proof was OK. Only by respecting customers can factories win orders. I sincerely hope that all manufacturers can remember this and work hard to do this well. For more relevant news and information, please pay attention to the website, or online (phone) to consult and discuss jewelry processing matters. Xiamen Co., Ltd. can provide ODM with similar samples/new styles/revisions. OEM customers can accept custom processing with patterns. With 17 years of experience in brand jewelry OEM production, friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business. Next: This is the last one. Previous: Will the jewelry factory do retail? Is it cheaper to find a manufacturer to buy jewelry?
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