jewelry firm finds gold in antique styles : fashion: 1928 jewelry co., which started in a garage, now has revenue of $100 million a year.

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Melvin Bernie, 23year-
In 1968, he founded a clothing and jewelry company in his garage.
He sells clocks during the day,
In the evening, he returned to his Van Nuys home and crafted the costume jewelry.
He used thousands of dollars of watch commissions to buy tools and parts, and began selling his goods to department stores such as May.
There are also retail chains like Judy and Contempo Casuals.
Bernie said his motive at the time was \"not to starve \".
\"Today, the most worrying thing for Bernie, 45, is going hungry. His Burbank-
Headquartered in 1928 jewellery company.
With annual sales of more than $100 million, it is one of the country\'s three largest garment and jewelry companies.
The company has 50,000-square-
Depending on the season, 1,000 to 1,500 workers Design, mold, plate and glue, about 3,000 different types of jewelry.
Bernie said the factory is the world\'s largest manufacturing base for clothing and jewelry.
At the same time, Bernie has upgraded his living accommodation: he now has a maribu house on the beach.
1928 is famous for producing antique jewelry.
Earrings, pins, necklaces and bracelets-
While prices range from $5 to $300, most prices are less than $50-
They are all new, made of gold and silver plating, but they have the look of jewelry that may be worn at the turn of the century.
The company\'s jewelry is sold in major department stores such as Macy\'s, Broadway, Robinson and buffet, 80% of which are popular with women of all ages.
Jim Litwak said: \"The customers it attracts are very mainstream, from young customers who want an antique look to grandmothers who want some clothing jewelry and old pieces to wear together,\" said senior vice president of Macy\'s, California.
1928 of designers look for ideas at antique stores in New York, flea markets in London and Paris.
For example, an antique brooch may be an inspiration for the collection of earrings, pins and pendants.
When Bernie saw a magazine article calling 1928 a \"rich year,\" he decided to use the name 1928.
\"Bernie, who personally wore some small jewellery in a recent interview, said that 1928 was profitable and had no debt, and that by purchasing a nearby building, the existing facilities were increased by 20,000 square meters
Bernie, the only owner of the company, said his five
This year\'s goal is to double sales to $0. 2 billion a year.
But after 22 years of steady growth in 1928, it is difficult to wonder where more growth will come from.
After all, other large garment jewellery manufacturers, such as Monet and Trifari, are owned by the Southport of Conn. -
Crystal brand based
1928 of the competition in department stores is still fierce.
According to different industry sources, Crystal Brands and New York-
Avon Products Co. , Ltd.
Companies that sell jewelry and cosmetics-to-
To compete for the honor of becoming the world\'s largest seller of clothing and jewelry.
\"The competition is very fierce, the competition for consumer dollars is very fierce,\" said Steffan Aletti, chairman of the New York jewelry industry Committee --
Headquartered in trade group.
\"You can\'t grow unless someone else spends money,\" he said . \".
John Harris, a consumer goods economist at the US Department of Commerce, said U. S. apparel and jewelry manufacturers had a total of $1 in sales.
It was 3 billion last year, above $1.
1988 2 billion. But low-
In 1989, the cost of $0. 53 billion in sales rose faster, Harris said, while the market could be moving towards a slow period.
\"The best thing we can hope for in the next few years is to stay steady.
\"If we are in a recession, you might expect a recession,\" Harris said . \".
At the same time, 1928 have to worry about the unpredictable fashion trends.
Mock vintage jewelry may now be popular, but will women continue to crave this look when the style of the dress changes?
Helen malavenda, a spokeswoman for Napier Co. , said: \"style can change so dramatically from one year to the next . \"
A large clothing and jewelry manufacturer based in merrydon, Connecticut.
\"I think any company that is focused on one thing is in danger of being itself.
David Alverson, vice president of product development, said in 1928 that the company does rotate design constantly, despite some \"basic\" needs year after year.
\"Antiques will never be out of date,\" he said . \"
However, it is clear that 1928 have heard the argument of diversity.
The company has already started a half.
Precious designer jewelry named Alex Nicole, using gems such as Rose Stone and onyx Agate for up to $300.
It also offers a range of fancy hairpins, a range of children\'s jewelry, men\'s wear such as tie strips and cufflinks, and a range of polished jewelry ---
Smooth, geometricshaped gold-and silver-
Often worn by women businessmen-
This will compete with the stylish, modern look favored by Monet and Trifari.
The company also plans to start offering its men\'s cologne as a giveaway to buy jewelry.
It hopes to expand its overseas sales from the current 5% to 40% of total sales by selling more and more products abroad.
Despite Bernie\'s success, he is still a shy, gentle man. spoken man.
He refused to take pictures of the article and would rather have his executives do most of the conversation for him.
His silence, however, did not prevent him from winning the reputation of innovators and maverick.
First, 1928 miles from Providence R. 3, 000. I.
Since the 18th-century European silversmith began to settle there, it has been the center of the clothing and jewelry trade.
Bernie likes to do everything. house--
Unlike many other manufacturers, planting certain jobs into specialized jewelry stores ---
So that he can maintain control over all aspects of production.
Bernie also took a different approach to selling his jewelry and shocked the whole industry.
1928 is not just filling out orders and letting retailers do all the sales work, but is a pioneer in today\'s industry-wide trends: Offering
Store promotions such as jewelry displays and use cameras to show customers the overall look of the 1928 Jewelry.
\"The jewelry industry has been sleeping for some time,\" Bernie said . \".
\"We woke it up, I think. \"Others agree.
\"What they ended up doing was directing real estate in the store,\" said Jerry Madison, owner of Jerry Madison jewelry in Los Angeles, a precious metal jewelry maker.
\"It\'s great for me,\" he said . \"
Litwak of Macy\'s said 1928 of the promotions included putting models in stockings, putting them on pins, and then having them talk to customers around.
The company has also set up presentations showing how to make porcelain roses used in many works, and has provided clinics with jewelry types suitable for different facial shapes.
The promotions worked well, says Litwak.
\"It stops people from dying on their tracks.
Litwak said that 1928 has \"had explosive growth\" over the past five years, and so far the company has been able to change its own look to keep up with the changing fashion.
\"The question now is, can they continue to do so? \" Litwak said.
\"I\'m sure if I bet.
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