Jewelry is a beautiful thing. The choice of jewelry

by:Joacii     2020-05-12
Jewelry rule 1: One statement at a time Remember 'one-statement-at-a-time' rule. It means that you should balance your jewelry accesoriess. For example, a dramatic necklace requires modest earrings and vice versa. Similarly, if you don't want to look like a Christmas tree, avoid wearing more than one massive and bold ring at a time. The combination of 2 or 3 discreet rings is ok within the good-taste limits. The same is for the bracelets. But then do not wear a necklace. Jewelry set is traditional gift. They usually include matching necklace, earrings, a bracelet and a ring. Do not wear them all at once. A necklace is good together with a ring, and earrings are a fabulous match for a bracelet. You can compliment them with a wedding ring. Jewelry rule 2: Pick jewelry accessories based on face shape and hair style Face shape and hair style have an influence on what to wear. For instance, massive earrings look out of place if you have a small face with fine features or short-cut hair. Hair worn piled up is a fabulous opportunity to wear long drop or dangly earrings. Jewelry rule 3: Collocation between age and jewelry Consider your age when choosing metal and natural stone fashion jewelry online that can work best for you. The good options for a young girl are some strings of pearls, corals, turquoise a-la russe (i.e. set in silver or gold). More mature ladies are free to wear all possible precious stone jewelry. As to the metals, it's up to you what to choose taking your taste, hair and eye-color into account. But on the whole, silver jewelry is considered to be an every-day thing, not appropriate for formal and special occasions. You can combine gold and silver jewelry. But think thoroughly over the combination. For example, silver and gold chains can liven a dark dress up. Never combine a silver necklace with a gold fashion bracelet.
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