Kaldi jewelry like Cadillac jewelry

by:Joacii     2020-08-22
Kaldi jewelry? As life getting better, before a lot of can't afford luxuries also began to spread, jewelry is one of them, it is also creating jewelry brand, so, Kaldi jewelry? This is a lot of people are paying attention to the problem, the following, the author take everyone to understand how Kaldi jewelry. Dream time 23 points diamond women quit click on the image or name for details if you want to know how a brand, to know its history, Kaldi jewelry? Kaldi jewelry? Kaldi jewelry is established in shenzhen in the brand management center in China, time is in November 1996, officially opened the business in China market, Kaldi jewelry? Also this year, Kaldi in anhui fuyang to open the first stores in China, by 2002, the stores has reached 18, distributed in more than ten cities. Kaldi jewelry? Let's go for a diamond, often contact diamond knows that diamond is no brand, is mainly by the diamond 4 c standard to judge the quality of the diamond and quality, which is the color of the diamond, the weight, clarity, and cut the four parameters, Kaldi jewelry? In general diamond 4 c's influence on diamond can be divided into: color accounted for 15% , cut 20% - 20% 40% - 35%, weight 60%, clarity accounted for 15% 25%. If you are not deliberately pursue big brands, suggest you go to some jewelry dealer to buy a diamond ring, so the price will be much cheaper, the authors recommend that you go to. How about his jewelry, the author is to introduce you to them and if you still have what not understand or want to buy jewelry, welcome to have a look, our style is numerous, and the price is very reasonable. Develop reading: how Kaldi jewelry diamond ring Kaldi jewelry diamond ring
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