Luxury jewelry custom jewelry what private custom process

by:Joacii     2020-08-22
Luxury jewelry custom? What process is the private custom jewelry? With the change of the society, people for the pursuit of personality is also more and more intense, jewelry, too, so, the luxury jewelry custom? Private custom jewelry process have? Here, the author, you can take you to get to know it. The heart of the ocean. 11 carat diamond female ring for details click on the image or name luxury jewelry custom? Custom jewelry can be divided into two kinds of of self-service DIY custom and private custom, DIY custom is to create their own their own jewelry, are generally provided by the merchant style, by the customer to choose design, metal, precious stones, and even the lettering, etc. Luxury jewelry custom? And private custom is customer put forward their own needs, budget, tell jewelry company, by the specialized designer on the process of the design, the production of personalized one-on-one. Luxury jewelry custom? What process is the private custom jewelry? Good looking for a jewelry company first, and then put their own needs and preparing the budget tell jewelry company, jewelry company will according to your personality to help you design and production, is the time needed to 14 - commonly 45 workdays, luxury jewelry custom? If you are choosing custom, the time is must good oh. About luxury jewelry custom? Private custom jewelry which process has a problem, the author first to introduce here, if you want to customize your own jewelry, can also be to have a look, our custom jewelry is very good oh.
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