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What Different Jewelry Symbolize?

What Different Jewelry Symbolize?


1. Diamond

The meaning of eternal love diamonds: loyalty, love, and eternity, it is most suitable for those who want to hold hands for a lifetime. The greatest significance of a diamond is not its light and sparkle, but the vow of love hidden behind it.

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The luster and atmosphere of gold has always been a kind of jewelry that symbolizes power and convincing. No matter what difficulties they encounter, the two parties should trust and support each other, and stick to the belief in love with a golden attitude. Because of this, the bride and groom in traditional Chinese weddings will wear gold jewelry.

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3. Platinum

Pure platinum is the most representative of eternal and pure jewelry. It is rare, pure, and hard, just like the love between two people, just like people's description and expectation of love, so platinum plays an indispensable and important role in love.

4. Silver jewelry

Silver jewellery represents a kind of simple and enjoyable love. It is the kind of spiritual enjoyment that does not surprise you, does not care about the pursuit of expensive luxury, only lies in the experience of mind and spirit. Just like loving each other, enjoy every moment with him.

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5. Pearls

Pearls imply beauty, happiness, and health, and are the most suitable gift to your wife. When love has gradually receded from the arrogant passion of youth, just like these warm beads are precious accumulations after the baptism of years.

6. White crystal

Pure love white crystals are crystal clear, white and pure, symbolizing pure love, and most suitable for first love. And among all crystals, white crystal is the most widely used, most versatile, and most popular crystal.

7.Pink crystal

The scientific name of pink crystal is hibiscus stone, exuding a gentle and attractive pink light, and is deeply loved by people. Pink is the color of Venus, the goddess of love for a limited time. It can increase the relationship between the opposite sex and attract peach blossoms. Pink crystal can soften one's temperament by wearing it on the left hand, and wearing it on the right hand can enhance its attraction to the outside world.

8. Rubellite

For people who often need to deal with or work with the public, rubellite represents personal charisma and leadership qualities, which can attract more people and gain people's support.

9. Ruby

In the traditional sense, ruby represents passion and love, so ruby is also called "the stone of love". In Europe, royal weddings still use ruby as a witness to marriage. A man who owns a ruby can master the power he dreams of, and a woman who owns a ruby can get an everlasting love.

10. Emerald

Emerald, a symbol of happiness, is the birthstone in May and a gem gift for the fifty-fifth anniversary of the wedding. Emerald is the king of green gemstones. It has high energy and can enhance self-confidence, relieve tension and stress, and contribute to health and longevity.

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