Military rings are the perfect way to show your

by:Joacii     2020-05-10
Lloyd Garfield Balfour started his jewelry company in 1913 in an effort to provide sorority and fraternity jewelry to college students across the country. However, during World War II, he was asked to create a military insignia for the Armed Forces. This led to great influx of requests for Balfour military rings and the company gladly responded. Today, Balfour military rings are known throughout the Armed Forces as some of the finest rings available. The incredible styling coupled with beautiful materials and the finest attention to detail make Balfour military rings the perfect choice to show your pride in your military service or in a loved one's military services. There are three common types of Balfour military rings. The first is the Men's Freedom ring. This is a traditional style that has an oval stone. The second is the Men's Independence ring. It is a class style that has a square stone. The third is the Ladies' Freedom ring. It has the same traditional style as the Men's Freedom ring, but it has a round stone. These rings are available in a variety of options to fit your budget and your lifestyle. You can choose from several materials, including yellow or white, 10 or 14 karat gold, celestrium, or goldtone celestrium. The last two are a great choice for those on a budget and who need a durable ring that will stand up to daily wear. There are 14 colors of stones to choose from, as well as various shapes. The sides of ring may be designed with over one hundred option for insignias, mottos, or dates. Each ring is crafted with precision with highly detailed designs. The inside of the ring band may also be engraved with a date, name, or message, as well. Balfour has been creating class rings for almost one hundred years. This experience and craftsmanship is used to create military rings that truly symbolize your service, sacrifice, and commitment. Balfour has one of the best warranties available today. If your ring is damaged, you can return to the company and they will do their best to return to its original glory. However, if the ring cannot be repaired, Balfour will use the ring to remake another one. This option is only $75 currently. It's nice to know that the company stands behind its designs and craftsmanship. In closing, if you're looking for a top of the line military ring, then look no further than Balfour. With almost one hundred years of satisfied customers, this company is ready to design a ring that will become a testament to your military service.
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