Misunderstanding about the diamond for diamond some different understanding

by:Joacii     2020-08-06
Buy a diamond to preserve. Fault. Diamond is to look at, not to when gold store. Buy diamond is to beautiful, not to change money sold it in a couple of days. 0. 2 grams of diamond is influenced by market factors, the following value function is not strong, to hold their value, still have to buy diamond carat big. There are some errors about diamonds. Diamonds from its chroma. Fault. From its cut diamond. Put a few diamonds together, the brightest one is the best cut. True love oath to buy diamond must buy VS high clarity. Fault. Clarity is professionals under the microscope, based on what diamond inclusions. Jewelry store more than most of the diamonds are SI, namely 'the naked eye under the absence of any defect. Inclusions is retained in the process of diamond formation natural mark, it will not affect the beauty of a diamond and durability, and it will make the diamond more features. Even slightly less P level drilling, put the head in a little bigger, also can in front of obtrusive, no one will be chasing you use a magnifying glass to confirm the diamond studs. I color diamond is the most beautiful. Fault. Chroma is specialized lighting conditions in the laboratory, by professionals for grading. It's hard to say I chromaticity of diamond is more beautiful than J diamond, also look at cut, and carat weight and clarity. Some personality of consumers prefer to buy with a bit of color and carat weight more diamonds, diamonds due to natural color, it is difficult to distinguish under normal lighting. Diamond D color in the color of the most beautiful, the highest level, according to the order of the English letters level step-down: is D> respectively; E> F> G> H> I> J> K> Poor L grade diamond: is there a minimum even to Z. Develop reading how to choose diamond diamond grade South African diamond
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