morocco\'s king of hearts

by:Joacii     2020-04-30
Nothing is more appealing to the audience than a handsome bachelor king.
Last night, more than 435 guests attended the State banquet of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, the largest state banquet in the history of the White House.
For a democracy, Americans are sure to go to extremes for the royal family.
Especially the unmarried royal family. Singer-
Dancer Paula Abdul was immediately enthusiastic about the topic.
Because we\'re single--\"\"--Princess Paula!
Her friend Constance Schwartz interrupted her.
The huge and eclectic list of guests includes Hollywood celebrities Terry Garh, Mary Stern Burgan, Ted Denson and Carol Alt, filmmaker Ken Burns, and Helen Thomas, a former White House journalist for the red man. , hani Masri, a Washington businessman, New York hostess Alice Mason, international fundraiser Esther Coopersmith and law professor Alan DE Shaw.
For most people, this is the first 36-year-
The old king has officially visited the United States for the first time since he became president last year.
His father Hassan II died on last July at the age of 38. year reign.
Muhammad is considered a more modern and fashionable King.
Last night, for example, he chose a tuxedo instead of a traditional Arabic robe.
He speaks Arabic, English, French and Spanish and has published doctoral papers on the EU.
When he does not rule the country and does not attend a state banquet, he likes to play golf, water motorcycles and cars.
In the indoor market, the older Moroccan hangs his picture;
The young man tried to copy his close-upCut your hair
He is very popular with the younger generation.
6, \"said Mark Ginsberg, former U. S.
Ambassador to Morocco
When the King visited his country, the girls lined up to see the most eligible bachelors in the Middle East.
However, those who wish to attract his attention may be unlucky.
International reports suggest the king is married in secret. (
Embassy officials only said he was not officially married. )
His sister, Princess Lala Mayem, was with him last night.
\"I believe his prospects are not lacking,\" said William Kennedy Smith . \".
But the King came on a business trip.
Although his father is known for his harsh rule and peace --
Mohammed VI has called for a more open government to release political prisoners, promote the advancement of women and help the poor.
The king used the visit to attract the United States. S.
His country has an unemployment rate of 20%.
Most of his young subjects-
70% of Morocco\'s population is under 30-
Muhammad seems to appreciate his modern transformation, but he faces deep-rooted opposition from old guards and Islamic fundamentalists.
Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia\'s ambassador to the United States, said: \"It is always difficult to get to the throne after a great and famous king . \".
\"I know his father very well, and I was impressed by this young king.
I think he made a very brave decision.
He surprised his friends and enemies.
He\'s my king.
President Clinton also made it clear last night that he was a fan.
\"No foreign guest deserves a warm welcome here more than King Mohammed,\" Clinton said in a toast . \".
Clinton announced a scholarship to honor King Hassan, a Moroccan student studying in the United States.
\"I am willing to increase my ability and energy for you,\" Mohammed replied . \".
He asked everyone to stand up and wish the United States \"all the best\" in promoting world peace \".
But there\'s enough material.
At the same time as the king chose western costumes, these women became the fashion focus in traditional dresses.
Muhammad\'s gift to Hillary Clinton was five Takchita dresses.
The first lady picked a golden lace for the dinner.
Princess Lala is dressed in a similar dress with gorgeous rubies on it. and-
Diamond necklace.
Janet lonhart Cohen wore a bright green dress and golden earrings she bought during her recent visit to Marrakech.
In honor of the King, Janet Ginsberg selected a red and gold crystal handbag created by Beverly Hills designer Catherine Bowman in the shape of the following-what else? --a crown.
Chelsea Clinton, dressed in a lavender dress, slipped downstairs to greet friends at the end of the line.
The line lasted less than an hour. -
Clinton\'s record of hugs and mugs-
But the president was given strict instructions not to have a long chat with any of the hundreds of guests.
During the last days of his administration, the guest list was added, but faced the problem of shorter time.
To accommodate many visitors, dinner is served in a huge tent on the South Lawn.
Champagne tent filled with lightand deep-
Pink roses on the green tablecloth.
Guests can enjoy grilled salmon with pepper, lamb with garlic, egg tart with goat milk and Moroccan oasis. -
An Orange Sherry and jujube parparparfait, molded into a structure similar to the traditional structure of Morocco, paired with hand-made
Sugar murals and mint honey sauce are painted.
Because the king is Muslim, White House chefs are instructed not to use any alcohol when preparing dishes.
The King toast with a glass of water.
At the request of Muhammad, evening entertainment is provided by the soul
Earth, Wind and Fire funk group. Co-
Founder Maurice White retired for the show.
Task: hit the maximum number of hits in this group.
Therefore, the voices of \"Shining Stars\", \"This is the way of the world\" and \"Phuket wonderland\" were heard in the tent.
Aren\'t they great?
Clinton asked the audience after the show, referring to the original band members, many of whom were his own age.
\"I was thinking that if a grandfather could do that, maybe there would be life after politics.
But Paula Abdul felt a little left out.
\"You should go there,\" a fan told dancers and former Lakers girls . \".
\"Next time, you won\'t stop me from jumping on that stage,\" she replied, bouncing back the train in her pink gown.
\"However, this dress is not worn.
\"The list of guests for the White House dinner Mohammed VI, Moroccan King Lala Meryra Sukaina, daughter of Princess Lala meryale, lala mérialemore Abdulla alamore Deris Alaoui, cousin of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Mohammed Benaisa Andrei Azuli, adviser to KingMohamed Kabbaj, advisor to kingzouha ha Nasri, advisor to kingFathallah oualou, Minister of Economy and Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs of minister of industry, trade and Minister of Defense Fassi Firi, the secretary of state is in charge of persons with disabilities, Mr. personsMohammed Rochdi Chraibi, director, cabinetHassan Aourid, Palace spokesmanAbdallah Maaroufi, ambassador to the United States, Catherine snosi MaaroufiAhmed, ambassador to the United States Elder brother historian General Abdulaziz Bennani, commander of major in the southern region. Gen.
Abdelhaq Kadiri, director of research and literature. Gen.
Bouchaib Arroub, General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces. -Maj.
Hamidou Laanigri, King of director general of the intelligenceabslam Jaidi ambassador, director of royal etiquette and chanceryAicha Benhima, director of Maria Luisa jaidiabhak Merini, Lady waiting for Princess Lala MeryemCol. -Maj.
Assistant Mekki Asraouide-
Singer kimbla Abdul and training camp at the National Football League, Constance Schwartz.
Daniel Abraham, center for peace and economic cooperation in the Middle East, New York Times and Henry L.
Gregory III, consultant Madeline K.
Secretary of State Allbright, Gregory Alpert BowesHenry, oil from Sparta, Gerry Alpert, psychotherapistCarol Alt, model
Actress Melanie.
Bonvicino, director of Metro management group, Small Business Administration, bonpaida Alvarez and John V. Connorton Jr. , lawyerJ.
Brady Anderson and Helen Brown Michael P of the International Development Agency
Julie crissco of Andrews, Citigroup and ESPNRep. Robert Andrews. (D-N. J. )
Camille Andrews, law school, Rutgers University
Apfel, social security management, temporary HadleyFelice Akselrod, Mount Sinai Medical, New York University, Zachary AxelrodBruce Babbit, minister of the Interior, ricaphandi alloy, international development William Bud, assistant Secretary of State and vice-president adviser Greta Bud, sculptor David Bell and Elizabeth litjalil Bellabas taraggi, bayamani, Boeing and pulidayani of the Marrakech hotel investment Association-
Veniste, lawyer and Donna Marie granatali bendawi of the Chicago Tribune, and Dara bendawi of the US Department of Health and Human Services --
Moroccan Parliament, Lila BenjellounAbdelhak Nani, wafabankfathía Banis, Casablanca spot ExchangeSamuel Berger, national security advisor and Susan BergerMeyer Berman, M. A. Berman Co.
Saudi ambassador to the United States, Cady Kabee Birch, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Avna P.
Attorney General of Connecticut, Casinelli Richard Blumenthal and Cynthia M.
Lawyers blumenthalbranson Branson and Lane Michael Luskey, the Martin Frost campaign committee, the Chevrolet Chase Bank and Claude Edward Hitchcock, lawyers.
Carl Brown of Princeton University and Anne Stoke Bronken Burns, a filmmaker, along with lawyer Joanna Groningen Bill Burton and Melissa bertonoria Ka, an export company
Export-Import Bank of the United States, and pasta, export-grade
Assistant Attorney for the president of the US import bank, Meredith Cappe, Army Secretary Peter Hutchins, and Eva caldrepp. Lois Capps (D-Calif. )
, Jeremy Rabbi nowitzza Caputo, women and Company/Citigroup Inc.
And Solomon Smith Barne on behalf of Steven sden. Julia Carson (D-Ind. )
World Policy magazine Lee marble, marble Southern cooking, Joan Binham, Grove Atlantic pressant Chatwal, Hampshire Hotels and Resorts real estate developer Omnium Nord ainjames Cohen and Defense Minister Lauren Chesley Cohen William Cohen Janet langhat kohensofia Collier, North Point tech, Catherine Renault thurser, Jonathan Cooper Smith Kojin and Alberson owen ed.
There are also Holly Reid Davis, the assistant to the president, Hilin Kelly crabhead, and Shannon Finley William Daley, the Minister of Commerce. Thomas A. Daschle (D-S. D. )
And Linda Hall dashler Dennis.
Lawyer Davidson and Barbara B.
David pine, John Paul de jollia, John Paul Mitchell system, and Eloise Brodi de jolialan de shovitz of Harvard Law SchoolJohn Dingell (D-Mich. )
Deborah Dingle of the General Motors Foundation, Kaili Dorkin of the joint surgical group, lawyer William H Ellen Steiner Dorkin
Donaldson, Antai company
There are also Jane Phillips Donaldson, Phillips Oppenheim group. Byron Dorgan (D-N. D. )
And Kimberly Dugan, the Life Insurance Commission of the United StatesDowne Jr.
Mary Conley Dawn AlbertDwoskin, A. J.
Dwoskin and his colleagues, as well as the former consul general in Tangier, Dick Ebersol of Morocco, Lisa Claire debojin Harlan Eastman of NBC Sports, and family therapist Lala Laila Alaoui radahri, director of protocol, USAS.
Embassy in Morocco
Huda Farouki, financial instruments and investments, Samia FaroukiLee finterres, octagonal, Diane fentresstillman J.
Fertitta, A seafood restaurant in Landry and Meredith.
Jones David Finn, ludr Finn and Amy Binde Hamilton Fish, head of Brighton town, public concern Foundation and National InstituteJ. , and Neil A.
Frankel, XeroxThomas Freedman, senior adviser to the president, Karin Kullman, special assistant to President Mary Mel French, national security adviser to Vice President protocolThomas Freston of MTV Networks, Lynn fortward M.
Gabriel, ambassador of Morocco and former ambassador of Morocco, Catherine linhanteli Gaal, act ressmoed Ali Ghanam, somakama Charles Ginsberg and Janet
Vice Minister of Veterans Affairs Gober and Minister of Defense Mary Lu Keena
NASA director Golding, United Airlines, and William Kennedy smithgen. John A.
Deputy director of the CIA, Gordon and Marilyn Gordon. Bart Gordon (D-Tenn. )
And Leslie Peyton Gordon Robert F.
And the faith of Edward Lehmann.
Lawyer Green and Joan F.
Green Roberta Green, save the treasure of America and Patrick H. H.
B McCarthy
Griffin, Griffin, his colleagues, and Arthur.
Collins, public.
Michael Gustin, private partner of Lone Star Energy, Cynthia gustimmanino, and Jennifer Goodman William R. Hambrecht, W. R.
He Binjie and cooperation.
Sarah pig hambrechmohamed Hassad, special Middle East coordinator, senior adviser to the Royal Air Force MarocGamal Helal, lawyer for Rafael HelalThomas Hogg, Shan, Vida USA, Sandra HoagRichard Hofflich, kingRay R.
Irani, Western oil company, Ghada IraniJill Iscol and Kenneth IscolAsna Jaidi Kingdom MoroccoRabea Jaidi Kingdom MoroccoLynette Jennings, Lynette Jennings design, January-
Paul WaldinDriss geru, born ONABroderick, assistant vice president, and Michelle Johnson, senior advisor to President ABC NewsJoel Johnson, Mr. Miriam johnsoncahy Kangas reclusive, Edward M.
James E. Villanova University.
Assistant to the president, Kennedy and Nancy kendendison. Robert J. Kerrey (D-Neb. )
Abdellatif Kriem, in charge of the private secretariat of King Tya Rarey, Mark Lacey, Moroccan telecom, The New York Times and Omaira Lacey, Federation of Moroccan businessesRay H. LaHood (R-Ill. )
Television film producer Catherine Irene laodobri Langhe and Lynn Furstenberg Gary J.
Montgomery Watson engineering and Christine Rapale of the National Governors Association
Musician Latif and teacher Thomas H. LatifLee, Thomas H. Lee Co. , and Ann G.
TenenbaumBruce Lin, vice president adviser, Dawn.
Deputy advisor Joseph Lockhart\'s special assistant, assistant to the president and White House press secretary, and Mrs. Laura Logan
Russell Lang, Robert L.
Deputy Minister of Commerce Mallett and special assistant to the President for Arab affairs Terri MallettRobert Malley
John P Caroline Brown, Israeli affairs and lawyer
Manning of Boston Capital
And Lyall HowlandYassine Mansouri, page preswilliam, Arab, magibra.
Marshall, deputy assistant to the president and deputy legal adviser to the president, Edvisors Inc. Leslie Hickey
Alice F. Alice MasonMason Ltd.
And Dominic Richard, Alice F. Mason Ltd.
Hani Masri of Capital Investment Management, filmmaker Cheryl Masri Mary Stewart maestro and Damon G.
Santostefano, directorCol. -Maj.
Dr. Abdelghani Mathqal of kinghari Mauro, Fannie Mae, and Kristina martikal is waiting for Mao Lipp.
Karen McCarthy (D-Mo. )
Phil Ramon. William T. McCormick Jr.
CMS Energy and special assistant to the president and director of private correspondence Ann McCormickAnn McCoy, as well as special assistant to Western international public building services commissioner Grady McCoy, Mary Louise McKee, recorded for the blind and dyslexia K. McGuire Sr.
Langxun Technology Co. , Ltd and Cheli mcgiri K. McGuire Jr.
Charlotte Storer, the James Irwin Foundation, William Barrett mcguen III of the American Chamber of Commerce in France, and Catherine mcguen David G.
CMS Energy and Molly MengebierRobert B.
Goldman Sachs Group menchelle and Joyce F.
Menschel, Art John meiligan Metropolitan Museum of the Democratic Business Council and Mariana Cruz ésheryl Mills, Oxygen Media, as well as Maya and Rima MislehArshad Mohammed, federal Maya, Ramallah, Palestine, Reuters, mohammed Montgomery RasmussenEdward Zeba, deputy secretary-general, provincial labor, and Cary mongomeryapDennis Moore (D-Kan. )
Stephene MooreDoug Morris of Universal Music Group and First Lady communications director Monique mollissa mascatine and Bradley Graham of The Washington Post.
Nasif former ambassador, Morocco, Zinetta NassifMarc Nathanson, Radio Council, David Nathanson, said News Group.
Richard Parker, Middle East Institute and former United StatesS.
Ambassador to Morocco and Jenny parkje Kumar Patel, National Federation of India
The American Association and Jyotsna PatelLisa Perry in New York, as well as Richard Perry, Perry Cade Anthony T.
Com and Delia.
John Podesta, president of the General Office of the president, and Megan rolls, president of Morgan Stanley, vitester Polak and Geraldine Pollard Philip S, center partner management.
Persian gold and Howard W.
PolskinSteven Protulis, National Council of Senior Citizens, Dorinda Fox, NSCERCBobby Rahal, motorsport, UN deputy secretary general and former ambassador to Morocco Debi RahalJoseph
Media director KirbyRay Reggie and the deputy chief of staff of the president, Mary Michel regirwin Richetti, and Amy Blanchard Max I.
Ridgman of the national social security and medical insurance maintenance commission and senior director of Near East and South Asia affairs of the National Security Commission veterinary holistic care Bruce Riddle and Elizabeth McAllen Richard Riley Minister of Education, and Tunky RileyRachel Robinson of the Jack Robinson Foundation and Sharon Robinson of the great league
Former ambassadors to Morocco, Rockwell and rosaried Rockwell. Harold Rogers (R-Ken. )
, Agriculture RogersRichard Rominger, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, white House Senior Minister of Agriculture senior trade advisor Isi Siddiqui director of the Office of the American Jewish Congress Jessica Gibson Jack Rosen and special coordinator for the Middle East Felix rodenis Ross and Deborah roskenis of The New York Presbyterian Church · hospital of Ross-
The Cornell will Center and Paula Ross House, Alan Rothenberg and Georgina Rosenberg Elfred Rotondaro of The New York Presbyterian Hospital, the National Foundation of Italy,Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill. )
Caroline lashnuridin Seou, 2 M Channel David saberstein, Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, and Alan Weiss, national public radio broadcaster
Sarah, dentist and Lisa salaristover stoutan, Christopher\'s hair salon and Deborah P.
HerbstRobert Hill, Los Angeles Times, Catherine Narda Zacchino, Los Angeles, TimesEric Schmidt, Novell.
Wendy Schmitt George.
Little simathers and the Lois Dragon
Daniel Snyder, Washington Redskins and Snyder Communications
And Tanya Snepp. Vic Snyder (D-Ark. )
Juliet Sorenson and Benjamin Jonson, a lawyer, and Gillian Martin Sorenson of the United States. N.
Assistant Secretary-General Mary Stern Buren, actor, Ted Danson, actorPhil Stefani, Phil Stefani restaurant and Deputy Assistant President for National Security Affairs Avanti boutique National Academy of Sciences Council on Sustainable Development David Steiner, stentina stock group and sylvia Steiner Lawrence
Treasury Secretary Summers and representative Victoria Perry Summers John Sykes, VH1 and Laurie Sykes. John Tanner (D-Tenn. )
Former journalist Betty Ann tenner Helen Thomas, United News International, and lawyer Tim Jenkins. Ed Towns (D-N. Y. )
Gwen Steph Joel trattenberg, George Washington University, Francine trattenberg, weita Mulberry in Washington, Roger Lee Cossack, cn
Walker III, Opportunity SystemsEdward S. Walker Jr.
Assistant Secretary of State for Near East affairs Wendy Walker Mark Walsh
Former ambassador to the United Nations and Germany Polly wyververnon Walters and Ariston Adam Raul Walters, Raul Walters properties and Vicky Walters mark
Weiner financial innovation
And Susan Verdo. West Jr.
Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs Gail Berry West, Armstrong World Industries New York Ruth westmer and deputy director of the White House visitor office Fogg Shakespeare Library Margaret Whillock and Carl S.
Meanwhile, special assistant to the president of agricultural trade at Princeton University, Willentz, and Anthony A. Christine Stansel, Princeton University
Columbia Mayor Williams and former first lady chief of staff Diane Simmons Williams and State Department minister William Barrett
Williamson, Peter Woolman of the American Health Services Corporation and the Department of Education
Former ambassadors of India, Egypt and the Philippines, Visner and Christine Visner.
William Zaman and Mary of Johns Hopkins University-
James J. Daniel Zeman
Zogby and Irene P of the Arab American Institute.
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