oscars 2019: the best jewels on the red carpet

by:Joacii     2020-03-21
Lady Gaga knows how to get in.
Oscar\'s Best Actress nominee is on the red carpet wearing the iconic Tiffany Yellow Diamond, the most famous gem owned by the luxury retailer.
She\'s wearing 128. 54-
A pendant on a diamond necklace with yellow and white diamond earrings.
This is the third time jewelry has been worn since its birth.
The last was a promotional photo taken by Audrey Hepburn for her iconic character at Tiffany\'s breakfast.
This gem is usually displayed at Tiffany\'s Fifth Avenue flagship store.
This is another unusual statement on the red carpet of jewelry.
Still, brands like Cartier, Chopard, Bulgari, Harry Winston and Forevermark have brought a lot of glory to the party with diamonds, gold and platinum.
Another striking thing on the red carpet is a man named Billy Porter, wearing a velvet dress and Oscar Hyman jewelry, including a gold platinum fancy colored diamond ring ($900,000)
Gold Platinum Fancy Diamond gardenia brooch ($94,000)
Diamond necklace in platinum ($700,000)
Diamond bracelet in platinum ($390,000).
Among these brands, the vintage jewelry and new jewelry of Cartier are probably the best nights.
Amy Adams walked the red carpet in vintage and new Cartier diamonds, platinum and platinum jewelry, including Cartier premium jewelry tennis necklace, Cartier collection clip brooch, Paris 1935, platinum, diamond, Cartier Collection earrings, cartier rings in London, 1934, Cartier bracelets, Paris, 1937, or about 2005.
Glen Closs has worn several Cartier Collection vintage jewelry including gold, diamond earrings, 1990, gold, platinum, diamond ring, London, 1970 and gold and diamond ring, 1995.
Lucy Boynton combines Cartier vintage jewelry with contemporary jewelry, including vintage earrings, 1967, platinum, 18k white gold, diamonds;
Maillon Panthère ring in 18k white gold, diamond;
And Cartier Paris new Rui ring, 18k white gold, diamond.
Letitia Wright wore a new Cartier diamond jewelry combination including platinum yellow sapphire Cartier premium Jewelry earrings;
É tincelle de Cartier bracelet, 18k gold of the decree;
18k rose gold from the Cartier bracelet decree É tincelle.
Cartier wedding band;
18k gold;
There are also two wedding rings in 18k white gold.
Actress Rachel Weisz is a bit twisted, wearing a Cartier Collection of platinum and diamond brooch, Paris, 1903, as a wig.
As usual, Chopard managed to find their jewelry on some of the biggest stars of the night.
Regina King was nominated for supporting actress for her performance in \"If Bill Street Can Talk\", wearing Chopard jewelry, including 7-year-old earrings.
Pear-shaped diamonds 92 karat, 4.
34 karat diamonds in 18k white gold;
Ring number 10. 51-
Brilliant carat circle-
Cut diamond set in 18k white gold;
Diamond Bracelet with 53. 43-
Diamond carat in 18k white gold, all from the \"premium jewelry collection \".
Host Allison Janney is wearing Chopard jewelry, including a 59-year-old necklace. 03-
Heart-shaped ruby and carat 67. 97-
The Red Carpet Collection is a diamond carat inlaid in 18k white gold with a pair of round, bright cut diamonds on the diamond rivets, totaling 6. 31-
Carat and diamond inlaid in 18k white gold and a 4 pound cushion ruby ring. 26-carats and 5. 45-
18k platinum diamonds from the \"premium jewelry collection \".
Actress Olivia Coleman was nominated for the lead role for her performance in favorite, wearing Chopard earrings.
Actress Gemma Chan mixes Bulgari divas\'s dream premium jewelry diamonds with emerald earrings to create her own unique mismatch moment for the evening.
She finished her look with a premium jewelry ring and bracelet and more than 25 Karat Diamonds.
Bulgari, Italy\'s luxury jewelry house, knows how to make a statement on the red carpet with its giant bold jewelry.
Among the stars wearing Bulgari are Oscar.
Award-winning actress and host Charlize Theron, as a dark-skinned person, strolled the red carpet with more than 300 carats of diamonds and more than 30 carats of sapphire from Bulgari Serpenti\'s collection of jewelry, in addition to the premium jewelry diamond necklace of more than 75 carat and the premium Jewelry earrings of 25 Karat sapphire.
She is wearing high jewelry bracelets and rings.
The actress and ambassador to Bulgari, Laura Harrier, has launched a platinum necklace with diamonds, rubies and more than 30 carat emeralds, along with a matching bracelet
These two pieces are part of a collection of 2019 high jewelry from Bulgari, which was launched this summer.
Panther star Chadwick Bosman made his statement on the red carpet wearing a Bulgari serring ring with multiple chips
Diamond rings and bracelets.
There are many stars shining in Harry Winston\'s diamond jewelry.
Among them is a host, Helen millon, wearing necklaces, bracelets and earrings from Winston\'s cluster suite, with a total of more than 125 carat diamonds.
Others included host Laura Dane, who wore 115 of Harry Winston diamonds, includes River Cascade Diamond drop necklace, vintage 1959 diamond bracelet, diamond earrings, diamond Micropave ring and brilliant love diamond ring.
Best Original Song nominated singer Jennifer Hudson performed \"I will fight\" on 29-year-old Harry Winston vintage 1972 diamond chandelier earrings.
Platinum 59 karat.
Host Sarah Paulson is wearing Harry Winston\'s Guipure diamond necklace and round bright diamond Micropave earbuds.
The best film nominated \"green book\" actress Linda cadlini with diamond earrings and a ring in the Harry Winston bride collection: Bell and that.
Chelsea Peretti wore several diamond earrings from David Webb, including 18k gold and platinum;
David Webb lightning armband Diamond, polished 18k gold and platinum;
David Webb ring, diamond, black and white enamel, 18k gold and platinum.
Many people on the red carpet wear the diamond brand Forevermark jewels.
Among them are the nominated Melissa McCarthy, who is wearing a diamond necklace in 18k white gold.
In addition, she is wearing Forevermark of premiere Gem 15. 05-
Carat Cushion diamond solitaire ring, 7 pieces. 13-
Carat cushion Diamond split handle ring and 7. 04-
A carat cushion diamond ring with a halo in platinum.
Athletes and hosts Serena Williams wear Rahaminov Asscher diamond earrings, mobile diamond rings and platinum bracelets, all made in platinum.
In addition, she wore the Forevermark with the Premier Gem emerald diamond ring and the Forevermark Black Label series five row bracelet with the black label square diamond, both of which are
Actress Amandla Stenberg wears the Forevermark alchemy Series gold pear-shaped diamond necklace, 18k white and yellow Forevermark floral diamond earrings from Jade Trau special envoy
18k gold stone rings with Black Label square, round and cushion diamonds.
Prime Gem fancy yellow diamond earrings set 18k white gold and gold, fancy yellow diamond ring set 18k white gold and gold, nominated for Ariza parrisio of Forevermark;
Permanently marked by Natalie K diamond ring inlaid in 18 k white gold.
Tonya Lewis Lee is wearing a diamond pendant necklace with timeless marks and asymmetrical diamond earrings made of 18k rose gold and white gold.
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