Pearl necklace matching skills?

by:Joacii     2021-03-11
Pearl necklace matching skills? -There are many kinds of jewelry necklaces, rich in shapes and strong decoration. Appropriate wearing of various necklaces can complement each other's strengths. When wearing necklaces, you should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) Necklaces and clothing Wearing necklaces should be in harmony and echo with clothing. For example, when wearing a soft, elegant silk dress, wearing a delicate, delicate necklace, it will look more moving. (2) Necklace and clothing color The color of the necklace should be in contrast with the color of the clothing, so that it can form a sharp contrast. Such as: single-color or plain clothing, wearing brightly colored necklaces can make the jewelry more eye-catching, and the color of the clothing is also richer under the embellishment of necklace jewelry. Brightly colored clothing, wearing a simple and simple necklace, will not be overwhelmed by gorgeous clothing colors, and can make the clothing color balanced. 3) Several kinds of jewelry should be coordinated with each other. Necklaces should be worn with earrings or bracelets of the same color and texture, so that the effect can be achieved. If the collars of the jacket are usually tied into a bow tie, do not wear a necklace, otherwise it will feel cumbersome. When wearing a necklace, pay attention to a switch called a confluence ring on the necklace. This switch is equipped with a steel wire uranium spring. It is not recommended to use excessive force when turning it to prevent the spring from breaking. The necklace is matched with the collar, so the length of the necklace should hang down to the middle of the collar opening. Slightly loose collar with a word collar is better with a simple necklace. Choosing a necklace that crosses the neckline will look very beautiful. If the necklace is too long, it will not match the collar and lose its proper effect. Complicated collar When wearing a collar with a complex structure, you should choose a necklace with a little weight to achieve a certain balance with the exposed skin. If the necklace is too thin, the texture will be insufficient and the neck will look empty. The small round neck can be matched with a slightly longer necklace, so that the pendant of the necklace hangs under the collar. At this time, the color of the necklace and the color of the clothes are more contrasted, which can highlight the point that the effect of the pearl necklace is to match the dress or the round neck. The sweater looks graceful and elegant.
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