Pick up the style hard up design is how to choose

by:Joacii     2020-08-07
It's difficult to pick up the style? Actually, not hard up although there are many kinds of style plus ca change, as long as the up information about knowledge, to design a preliminary understanding of the buddhist monastic discipline, will be able to pick it up to oneself to like, tailored to a suitable diamond ring, want to learn more knowledge about it up style? Let's get together and see it! Met love first pick up the material, it up style of material generally is 18 k gold or platinum, platinum prices more expensive, mainly because of platinum is rare, used for toby more expensive, so usually provide with 18 k cash as it up material, but also for the quality of a material of 18 k gold is more hard, to set the diamonds are not easy to make diamond fall off, of course, is not to say that platinum is an advantage, platinum have special properties of pure white, and it is not easy to fade, so can long time to get diamonds are forever shining! Up though a lot of the style, but in fact style is the same mold, take the way of Mosaic, but also so Mosaic ways: nail claw set, bag set, inlay, rail set, and so on, each set way has its own advantages and disadvantages, here is not much said, picking up design also to involve the merchants, good merchants to provide more quality services, the authors suggest don't choose brand merchants, added value is much, the price also does not poor, so it is better to choose a few diamond electric business is good! Up the style selection analysis for everybody here, want to learn more knowledge of it up? That Internet cafes in jewelry, jewelry to start marketing mode of Chinese jewelry factory direct customers, overturn traditional jewelry stores sell diamond pattern, make diamond directly from the manufacturer to your home, bring you a brand new 'international quality, the price of populist, personalization' diamond. Develop reading: diamond ring custom wedding ring wear brand wedding ring
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