Precautions for wearing 'gold-plated' jewelry

by:Joacii     2021-03-12
How many people want to wear gold and silver! Pure gold and silver jewellery is so expensive that low-income people will stop watching. The emergence of gilding technology has solved this problem. Wearing gold and silver is no longer a dream! . However, due to the immaturity of some gold-plated technologies in the market, the following points should be paid attention to when wearing gold-plated jewelry: 1. Avoid collisions. When wearing gold-plated jewelry, we must be careful not to collide with other objects, especially those Sharp objects. If the gold-plated jewelry collides with a relatively hard object, it will deform and break the gold-plated jewelry; if the gold-plated jewelry collides with an object with a low hardness, it will damage other jewelry, no matter what the object is violently. A collision will hurt both sides, and both sides will hurt each other. 2. Keep away from chemicals. When we wear gold-plated jewelry, we must also pay attention not to directly contact with chemicals. If it is really in contact with chemicals, we must first wipe the chemicals with a clean soft cloth, and then rinse with water; secondly, We also need to pay attention to make-up. Don't let the gold-plated jewelry come into contact with cosmetics, perfumes, etc., so as not to corrode the surface of the gold-plated jewelry, discoloration and discoloration, which will affect the appearance of wearing. Regarding the precautions for wearing gold-plated jewelry, the above is just a brief introduction to the 'gold-plated' jewelry should avoid collision and keep away from chemicals, so as to maintain the long-term wearing of gold-plated jewelry. Xiamen 7000 square meters production base, 5S workshop management system, international REP production management system. The three gold jewelry foundries are jointly manufactured. Own vacuum electroplating factory, providing ROHS environmental protection testing certification. The daily output is as high as 80,000 pieces of jewelry! Consultation hotline Next: How to maintain gold-plated jewelry better? Previous: How to maintain silver rings?
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