Precious and rare these are the two words which

by:Joacii     2020-05-14
While there are many reasons why one would like to have this metal but for ladies beautiful rose gold earrings made from the same or some simple gold necklace are the reasons why they look for this metal in market. To get a better understanding let's check out what dose gold and various pieces made from the same like cocktail rings means to people all around the word. Rome - you might not be aware but there are various facts related to Rome and gold which can surprise you. For examples according to few the use of ring as a symbol of engagement was initially started in Rome. Not only this, many talented artisans in Rome were so attracted by this metal that they came up with a complete range of gold jewellery like rose gold pearl drop earrings, pendants, rings and more which was then displayed in their jewellery stores. Egypt - there was a belief in Egyptians that gold is flesh of sun god, thence this metal was highly priced in ancient Egyptians. In fact Queens and pharaohs use to have vast stores of gold. Asia - according to some, it was back in 1100 BC that china started making extensive use of gold, their various jewellery items like simple gold necklace and gold rings started emerging into the market. In fact it was china who took this gold craft to Korea, when some of their settlers moved to the place. After all this how can we forget about India when we are talking about gold, in India this metal has always been considered as symbol of wealth and prosperity. Central America - it is believed that ancient Central American tribes you to offer gold to their god by throwing the same in sacred lakes and rivers. All in all with what all we have discovered till now we can say that, it's not only now that this metal known as gold is one of the most precious among others, but also in the ancient time this was as valuable as it is now.
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