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There is this sentence by HELENE stapinskipensl 4, 2004SO, again--Jersey girl.
As soon as I heard about the new Kevin Smith movie, the flashback started and it was part of myself
Trauma Stress Disorder
I was hiding in my memory bank, about 1981, in a red dress
High heels, huge earrings and pedal pusher.
And, yes, the hair is very big. BIG hair.
I realized that no one called me Jersey girl for a long, long time.
The word is something I have been running away from for years.
Here it is, again, raising its big-
Popular culture hair, wandering around tents in local cinemas.
Will my New York friends laugh at me again?
Then I began to think, maybe I am still one.
Want to know, in any case, where did this whole Jersey girl thing come from?
Maybe this is just a collective memory that we should try to forget.
Or maybe it\'s not true at all.
Looking for the real meaning, I listened to what I thought was the record for all this to begin with, 1980 songs that Tom was waiting to write for his future wife, Catherine Brennan, who grew up in Jersey
Bruce Springsteen began performing the song at Meadowlands in the summer of 1981 ---
Joined his own blue.
In the last section, Jersey girls are known all over the world.
He has ads in his version.
Springsteen sings to a tired single mother who hates her job and promises to take her to the Jersey coast, \"everything is fine.
Big hair is not mentioned.
No mention of red high-
High heels or earrings.
Just talk about makeup, Carnival and all the rides.
The only song I know about the Jersey Girl is John Gorka, who grew up in Colonia.
In his 1991 song, \"I\'m from New Jersey . \"
Gorka sang: \"girls from New Jersey have big hair.
Found it in the mall. I\'ll take you there.
\"Inspired by the music, I got on the bus and drove.
This is what all the characters of Bruce Springsteen do when they\'re looking for something.
I drove across the Brooklyn Bridge into the city.
I drove across the George Washington Bridge and drove west along Highway 4 to the mall.
I went to the Garden State Square for a mission.
Well, there are actually two tasks: shopping and looking for Jersey girls.
When I arrived at Abercrombie & Fitch, the brand representative David Bernaldo told me that the Jersey girl was just a myth.
Like Jersey Devil, Bigfoot or nice lake monster, she doesn\'t exist at all, but some legends that have been circulating in songs and movies.
\"It\'s a stereotype of breaking gum, it\'s a little weird and sometimes a little tough,\" he said . \"Bernaldo.
\"But I don\'t think there is a real Jersey girl because New Jersey is so diverse.
There are many different people here.
A long time ago, maybe there was a Jersey girl.
Probably in California.
\"My stomach mumbled and went to the food court to buy a fruit pie and immediately hit Bonny and Nikki, who proved Mr Bonny
Very wrong.
Bonny and Nikki (
Who wouldn\'t say his last name)
Both are nurses, single mothers who met many years ago at the Patsy County Institute of Technology.
Like me, they are also on vacation, shopping and enjoying the breeze.
\"A Jersey girl is cool and calm,\" said Bunnie . \".
\"But there is a little fire on you.
\"You have to be active,\" Nikki added . \".
Advertising on the upper floor of the mall, I met Carlos tangalife, 19. year-
He said he had dated a lot of Jersey girls.
He basically agreed with Bonny and Nikki.
\"I think the girl from Jersey is a girl from a slum,\" Carlos said . \".
\"She likes gangs.
She won\'t be bored.
She will definitely be a little tough.
She can\'t be old.
She needs to know what she wants.
She should be straight.
\"In the Perfume booth downstairs, I met fadewa El menhara, a Moroccan who now considers himself a Jersey girl.
I asked her what the Jersey girl smelled, and she replied realistically, \"Gucci No. 2. \'\'At $44. 99 an ounce.
\"When I met men in New York and told them I was from Jersey, they thought I was a spoiled girl with money in my pocket,\" she said . \".
\"But Jersey girl is an independent girl.
\"She works in a shopping mall, but spent the whole week studying for a master\'s degree in corporate communications at the University of felidkinson.
\"I went to the city on weekends,\" she said . \"
\"That\'s a Jersey girl.
\"Oh, you have to go to the seaside in summer.
\"Going back to the song of Tom Wester, it is clear that the Jersey coast is related to being a Jersey girl.
But where did the idea start? Was Mr.
California native Waits is the first person to use the word \"Jersey Girl? I asked Prof.
Jane simika
Describes the Jersey Girl and chair of the history department of Lincroft Brookdale Community College, who teaches women\'s history and New Jersey history.
We talked about Trenton-
Based on the heroine of The Bounty Hunter, Jenny Evanovich\'s novel, and the girls of several starring films, \'The Broadway rose, \'\'Married Mob\' and 1991 \'Jersey, \'yarmizjitz stars Dylan McDermott.
But then Lady
Scimeca\'s back. Way back.
She cited several possible sources of the term, including an article published in this newspaper on 1907.
Under the title \"Jersey Girl will be enlisted\", the report tells the story of a brave blue --
Looking at the man Newark girl loves her so much that she tries to dress up as a man and tries to find him.
The last 19-year-old girlyear-
Old Anne Eastwood was a \"hard-
Heard about recruiting sergeant.
Professor Scimeca then asked me to contact a Burlington County historian named Paul Schopp who began digging for a forgotten Palmyra writer J. in 1884. Dunbar Hylton.
The name of the poem is \"my Jersey Girl \".
\"My Jersey girl, my Jersey girl, she is so bright and beautiful that her ruby lips and the teeth on the Pearl cheeks are more beautiful than roses.
Professor Scimeca said the poem was written when the ideal of the girl of Jersey was formed.
\"In class,\" she explained, \"We\'re talking about the rise of late Victorian and seaside resorts in New Jersey ---
Atlantic City, Long Branch.
They all appeared at the same time as writing this poem.
She added that businessmen in South Jersey have started selling the coast to people all over the country.
\"So people start going to these resorts and have a romantic image of where they\'re going,\" she said . \".
The first Miss America pageant was held in Atlantic City on 1921. -
Local business owners are trying to compete with part of other beach towns.
\"They want to extend the summer for another week,\" says Professor Scimeca . \".
Today, the Miss America pageant is still held on the weekend after Labor Day.
One of the attractions of the Jersey coast is \"see the girls \".
\"The idea is, \'If you go to the beach here, maybe you will meet someone, \'she explained. \'.
So essentially, these guys are selling sex or this romantic idol.
Jersey girl.
\"I went back to the car that night and went to Asbury Park.
Bruce Springsteen club is known for The Stone Pony.
It\'s the ladies night of the pony, so I\'m sure I\'ll meet a few real girls
The Blue Jersey girl, bright and beautiful, has ruby-like lips and pearl-like teeth.
I barely answered the question from my own ruby lips. -
What is Jersey girl? --
When Elsa Wyers explains one by one what I should be looking. \'\'No.
She said: \"She has to love Bruce Springsteen.
Every record of Bruce Springsteen is hers. No.
Love the beach. No. 3, party girl.
She had the biggest party on the Jersey coast in the summer.
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Elsa was born on the Thomas river 22 years ago and all her bases are covered.
\"I\'m the final Jersey Girl,\" she shouted.
Last year, she and her boyfriend Jeff met Bruce twice at giant stadium, and she was crazy when Bruce sang \"Jersey Girl.
You have to go crazy when he sings \"Jersey Girl.
This is my favorite.
As a Jersey girl, you promise to have everything, she said.
\"It\'s very close to New York City and you\'re a little complicated,\" Elsa said . \".
\"But there is also a beach.
Everything around you is the best.
Her best friend Nicole McKenna says the real touchstone for a Jersey girl is: \"You always say you can\'t wait to leave this place. But you A)
Never leave, or B)
Leave and want to come back.
\'Advertisementelsa nodded.
\"They will always come back,\" she said . \"
Nicole himself moved to Knoxville, Tennessee.
But recently came home to do phone sales.
The most important thing, says Elsa, is that Jersey girls have their own sense of fashion.
It doesn\'t have to include earrings and big hair.
According to Elsa\'s clothing, this style includes tailoring
Denim mini skirt;
Tight black shirt; a Prada bag (
\"It\'s not fake,\" she said\"; blue eyeshadow; a toe ring;
She was tied to two knots of blonde hair on her head; chunky-
Black Steve madens
Marl street lamp between fingers;
A silver Tiffany.
Shake the style of the heart from the inside choker.
This gives us an idea of the main requirements of each Jersey girl. Heart.
I reconsider my attitude towards the past.
It may not be a bad thing to be called a Jersey girl.
I should be proud of it. -
Just as proud as Professor skimecard, Elsa and other women I \'ve met.
Even the four nobles at the Washington world trade center kept their mouths shut and kept the 9/11 Committee honest. -
Kristin Brett wither, Patti cassaza, Mindy kleenberg, and Lori Van o\'ken-
They even embraced sobriquet and proudly called themselves \"Jersey girls \".
\"Maybe it\'s not dead, buried in my past.
Maybe I\'m the Jersey Girl.
Living in Jersey is not even a must, I think.
Of course, you have to live in Jersey for a while.
It helps to be born and raised.
But you can conquer the world.
There used to be a Jersey girl, I think, always a Jersey girl.
Energetic, fast and good attitude.
These girls are by our side, changing the world we live in.
The first girl to join the small league in the United States was Maria Pepe, a little Jersey girl from Hoboken.
The punk pioneers Debbie Harry and Patty Smith are both from the outskirts of Jersey.
Martha Stewart, the goddess of family, was found guilty from natley.
In fact, you can\'t wave your Prada bag if you don\'t hit a Jersey girl. The test --the true test --
It\'s not whether she\'s still living here or whether she\'s making it big or small, not even if she\'s going to jail.
Does she really like Callahan instead of caviar?
I would rather have a Kohr brother cone than a nursery.
A Jersey girl has a job and is smart but also knows how to cook.
\"You know how to make the sauce,\" My husband said . \".
\"That\'s one of the reasons I married you.
\"A New Jersey girl.
ZPass, but also remember how to throw her change from the passenger seat into the park road basket on the hood of the car. A hook shot. Two points.
A New Jersey girl knows the streets of the \"city\" but also the secret entrance to the Dutch Tunnel (
Behind Newport Mall of course).
Last but not least, I went home in my search.
I live in Jersey City instead of Brooklyn.
Go to the hairdresser.
On a small street on the west side of the city, in an aluminum-and brick-
Across from the Italian deli in Carmine, I found my family.
It was a Saturday afternoon when Patty del wiki of Patti dumifa salon was in session. Her 2-year-
The old daughter is giving a 3-year-
Old friend, her mother is looking for a dyeing job and is fired.
\"I think the Jersey Girl is a tough cookie,\" Patty said . \"
\"She\'s a tough cookie,\" she said, nodding her head to her daughter Nicole, whose nose was recently cut off when she fell over her front waist.
In addition to owning the store, Patti does hair and makeup for NBC Studios.
So she made it.
But she started at the mall. -
Newport Mall
\"When I started,\" she said, \"I used to wear three --
I wear inches of high heels when I cut my hair.
But then I canceled four more unions. No more heels.
She looked down at her apartment.
At that time, she explained, \"the hair of big Boffey.
Everyone came to me because I knew how to layer the mane.
She pretended to blow-
Dry a hair over her head.
For her own wedding. her first)
She felt that her hair was not big enough, so she took a wig and put it on it.
Advertising \"where am I going?
She said with a smile.
\"I seem to have a lettuce on my head.
Next is the \"blunt cut\" and then the \"friend\" haircut.
Now everything is smooth and straight, maybe there will be a cute little \"that girl\" flip in the end.
\"But we still do a lot of highlights and foil,\" Patty said . \".
\"We did a lot.
We are famous for this.
\"That afternoon, her assistant was Donna Prisk, a native of Bayonne, with a smart mouth and a blond hair tied to a black Scrunchie.
She is a neighbor of the shape of the hair of Bayonne, Liz Colonna (\'\'Colonna --
\"It\'s like crumbs,\" Liz said . \").
The three women recalled their big hair and what it meant to be a Jersey girl.
You had to wear so much hairspray then. -Aquanet --
It turns into white lice.
Like you have spots all over your hair.
\"Even if you just go to the shop on the corner, you need makeup and hairspray.
\"It all came back in a colored flood: hanging out in the cemetery on top of the mausoleum, for skipping school, eating late at the colnette restaurant, and almost being expelled from grammar school, buy colorful wallets and earrings at the Hudson Mall\'s pants shop.
Donna is still wearing earrings, gold bracelets, foot chains and chains, including a scripted gold nameplate hanging around her neck.
\"Oh, these are gone,\" Patty said . \".
\"You need to lose the nameplate.
\"What are you talking about?
Donna fought back.
\"These are coming back.
They\'re in Sex and the city.
I even bought them for my twin 13year-old girls.
Think about it, Sarah Jessica Parker\'s character, Kylie Bradshaw, looks like a suspicious Jersey girl: Incredible high heels, bright, gorgeous clothes, big hair and that nameplate.
\"Oh, it\'s all back,\" Donna said, waving her hair brush . \".
\"Maybe the Jersey girl will be reborn and all the girls are dressed up and ready to go,\" Patty said . \".
\"It\'s good,\" Patty\'s mother, Josephine franery, said from her wings . \".
Because you\'re the best when you\'re a Jersey girl.
You have a kind heart.
You\'re not fake either.
\"We tell it like this.
If no one likes it, \"she shrugged her shoulders, the lower lip p raised her mouth, and the high eyebrows on her forehead were pushed up,\" that would be too bad.
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