Purity rings are worn by young girls and boys

by:Joacii     2020-05-04
In Christian circles the purity ring has become very popular with teens from around the age of thirteen being presented with purity rings as an outward sign of a commitment they have made to God and themselves to remain pure until marriage. The rings are usually accompanied by a pledge card that is to be read out by the young person and signed to be kept as a reminder of the commitment they have made. Other people who might not necessarily subscribe to the Christian faith, also use these purity rings to symbolize that they are in a monogamous relationship and they are committed to their partners. Types of purity rings Purity rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and at times made from different materials. They can also have a message inscribed in them, a Christian symbol or have no message at all. These rings are usually made of steel, silver, gold, sterling silver, white gold that can have diamonds and gems fused onto them. Christian purity rings have different messages that include bible verses that encourage purity, some with inspirational messages like 'True Love Waits' to remind the person wearing it about the commitment they have made. These messages on the purity rings also can be read by other young people and they will immediately know what a fellow young person believes in or stands for. Purity rings are also made for both genders with the difference being in the style and finish of the ring. The rings for guys are usually wider with no precious gems on them while the ones for the ladies can be either wider or thinner in size and also have precious gems fused onto them. In the long run, the main objective of purity rings is to keep young people from engaging in sex when they are not ready. In an ideal situation the ring is to be replaced with the wedding ring on the day of the wedding and put away safely to be passed on to your children so that they too can abstain till they are joined to their partners.
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