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by:Joacii     2020-05-01
AHMEDABAD: Vadaj snatched a gold necklace worth Rs 1.
According to the month of SandeepThakkar, a resident of Krishna naogor JunaVadaj, his mother was standing on her scooter. 30 pm.
According to the complainant, a man approached her and snatched away her gold necklace and pendant.
In another incident, Savita Vala, a resident of Odhav, filed a lawsuit against the Odhav police alleging that they had stolen a gold necklace worth Rs 35,000.
She was down at the Soni ni Chali flyover when she was 9.
At 30 in the evening, the two men approached her by bike and quickly left after grabbing her gold necklace.
Meanwhile, 90,000 rupees worth of gold jewelry was stolen from a residence in shahkottda.
According to the complaint, which was opened by asalachaput, resident Kley Park, suspected Jiluji Hadiyol, resident Vastral Road Amraiwadi, with a copy key, and threw away a box of gold jewelry for the wedding.
The anti-theft band Shaherkotda police officer filed a complaint by raqiput.
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