silver jewelry planet launches new website.

by:Joacii     2020-04-30
Bangkok, Thailand, 17 November 2013--(PR. com)--
Silver Jewelry Star is Bangkok\'s top brand. -
British-based sterling silver jewellery retailers recently launched their own websites online to ensure smooth business with international retailer customers.
It is reported that a new store website has appeared on virtual E on Silver Jewelry Planet. -commerce zone. The Bangkok-
Headquartered in Majorling Sterling Silver, jewelry wholesalers provide convenient shopping services for their international retail customers through the latest website.
Silver planet is the leading platform in the field of global silver jewelry, providing pure silver jewelry for jewelry retailers from more than 230 countries and regions.
This experienced Oriental store has been producing and supplying 925 sterling silver jewelry for more than 15 years.
\"We are very pleased to announce the latest release of our new website.
Our retail customers are all over the world, and we always hope to provide them with convenience.
Therefore, we sincerely miss the growing demand for virtual existence and our new website to ensure smooth online transactions with us.
Our latest website not only has a pleasant future, but also ensures a wealth of information and easy navigation.
The recently launched Planet Silver website offers a large number of authentic Sterling Silver jewelry.
There are all kinds of possible jewelry in the shop, including earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants.
There are even beads and ankle parts.
Recently, 300 new silver ornaments have been uploaded by major Thai wholesalers.
From the perspective of various traditional and fashion ornaments decorating the new website, the multi-function is particularly prominent.
\"What we want to emphasize here is that we have provided comprehensive information support for each characteristic jewelry store.
\"We do understand that in virtual shopping, considering the shortcomings of entities, you usually have doubts about a work,\" said a senior spokesman for the store.
\"You will find that each of our online functions or names has its approximate weight, color, type, product size, theme, material, shape, inventory availability and other basic data to help.
In addition, there is a brief review to help you understand your preferred products from the website.
\"The new website even offers mixed and matched jewelry stores, which will supplement selected silver pieces.
Customers here can choose the pure silver materials, shapes and types they choose.
The store\'s managers further guaranteed discounts and customer loyalty plans on their new website.
The recently released Planet Silver website has collected a list of customer recommendations from around the world.
Many customers have expressed their willingness to place further orders through the new website.
About Silver Jewelry Planet-
Silver Jewelry Planet is a high-end 925 sterling silver jewelry retailer based in Bango with customers all over the world.
The store recently established its virtual presence.
Contact information: Star Silver Sunbar 66(0)
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