Silver jewelry processing factory_4 tips for identifying sterling silver jewelry

by:Joacii     2021-03-09
Silver Jewelry Processing Factory_4 Tips for Identifying Sterling Silver Jewelry Silver jewelry is not only cheap, but also shows femininity, so it is loved by more and more people. But now the market is mixed, and it is very difficult to buy a genuine piece of jewelry. Today, the silver jewelry processing factory will introduce you to the tips of 925 sterling silver identification, hoping to help you choose real and beautiful silver jewelry. 1. Weigh the weight of jewelry. The density of silver is slightly larger than that of ordinary metals, so you can make a preliminary judgment on silver jewelry by weighing it when purchasing. It is often said that “aluminum is light, silver is medium, and copper is neither in the middle nor light.” If the size of the jewelry is relatively large but the weight is relatively light, then it can be preliminarily judged that the jewelry is not 925 sterling silver. 2. Friends who have studied chemistry with acid testing know that silver will change color or even dissolve when encountering acidic substances, so you can use acid to identify pure silver jewelry. The silver jewelry processing factory recommends that a drop of concentrated hydrochloric acid be placed on the silver jewelry. If there is a white moss-like silver chloride precipitate, it is silver jewelry, if not, it is not pure silver. 3. Look at the color of jewelry. Generally speaking, the higher the purity of silver jewelry, the whiter the surface of the silver jewelry will be, and the color of jewelry will be uniform and shiny. The 925 silver jewelry processing factory reminds that if there is blue-gray in the sterling silver jewelry, it must contain lead; if the surface of the jewelry is rough and does not feel smooth and moist, then it must contain copper, so be sure to buy 925 sterling silver Pay attention to this. 4. Check the hardness of jewelry. Among various metals, lead and tin have the higher hardness, copper is the second, and silver has the lowest hardness. When identifying the jewelry, you can use a needle to scratch the jewelry. If there are almost no traces on the jewelry, then this Jewelry is copper jewelry; if the trace is obvious, it is made of lead or tin; if there are traces on the jewelry, but it is not very obvious, then the jewelry is pure silver jewelry. The above content is shared here by the silver jewelry processing factory, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Jewelry is a professional silver jewelry processing factory and silver jewelry processing factory, providing silver jewelry and silverware batch customization processing services, welcome to consult 13302649640.
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