Speaking of down jackets, may be all most people

by:Joacii     2020-05-25
1, the popular color down combinations: most important red down jacket, the New Year good luck to wear clothing not only take you good luck, and the bright red face, can also better reflected girls' face color, besides red symbolize enthusiasm, and can show high spirits of young people. 2, the popular color down combinations: warm orange down jacket looks very warm feeling, very suitable for white skin girls, otherwise the skin will be reflected even more dull. 3, the popular color down combinations: glossy patent leather with a light green down vest, eye-catching enough, the shirt must not take the black primer was bloated, but very significant sense of thin slim, portable and stylish quilted down a large package seductive. 4, the popular color down combinations: bright sapphire blue down jacket with patent leather shoes smooth texture is very ROCK in-tube style, young dynamic and energetic. 5, the popular color down combinations: short section of soft light purple down jacket is sweet, pleasant and lovely, with a touch of feminine style, rendering the body lower body tights with shorts to step up ladies and gentlemen. 6, the popular color down combinations: elegant light green pattern down jacket makes you double affinity, fur collar dotted with large gift to gorgeous femininity. 7, the popular color down combinations: red rose waist down vests, black silk bow outlines the graceful body, lower body with a very light tan suede snow boots flavor of the next door girl, very charming, pleasant in a dress. 8, the popular color down combinations: dark blue down for the office lady and married ladies, which can show the staid temperament, in addition, dark blue is popular with its durably resistant of dirty, it not need usually washing. 9, the popular color down combination: black down is never out of fashion troops, short down jacket is easy and casual. Immense long winter, it seems that even with us for a while, we warm down is definitely one of the best is a good helper, the warm season in power down naturally spread to the clothing, but also give you a little color to see , come to share the feelings of rushing 'warm'.
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