stainless steel buttonhole puzzle

by:Joacii     2020-03-24
This is my second note on the buttonhole puzzle.
My first version uses copper tubes and counterpoint lines.
This version uses ball chains and stainless steel circles.
The original puzzle was invented by Sam Lloyd 1841. 1911.
The puzzle is placed on the eyelets and seams that cannot be removed.
This is the place where the term is eye-catching (
Get someone\'s attention)came from.
Safety glasses should always be used when sawing and drilling.
You might want to wear gloves.
I use a drill bit with a diameter of 1/8.
Steel saw with metal cutting blades.
I use my multi-tool to cut the files on the ball chain and the ball chain to remove the edge burrs.
I used some round material in stainless steel.
It only takes 8mm and 6mm, but it\'s just as cheap to get the hole sleeve, and I\'ll come up with something else to use.
I also use the ball chain key ring as a round stock and all I need is a couple just in case my time will be longer.
My round stock is 4 inch long so I cut them in half to make two pieces 2 inch long.
I made a 8mm diameter, a 6mm diameter.
The 8mm may be a bit too big for the smaller buttonhole, and I found that the 6mm is the best size.
I drilled a hole of 1/8 in diameter on a circular base about 1/4 from the end.
The hole with a diameter of 1/8 is the perfect size for the ball chain connection.
I dug both the wound and the hole.
You can also polish it and make it really shine.
Test the length of the ball chain.
You want it to not be long enough that the loop cannot cross the long end of the circular part.
If so, you need to cut it short.
Cut it off as soon as you find the right ball chain length.
I found 4 inch
Including links)was good.
Through the ball chain through the hole, use the ball chain link to connect the end of the ball chain together, and then push the ball chain link into the hole.
Make sure you know how to put on and remove the buttonhole puzzle before trying someone.
Find someone with a button shirt.
Make sure they want to try the puzzle.
Warning them that they might be driven crazy.
Let them check the puzzle.
Explain that you will put the puzzle on their buttonhole and they will try to remove it without cutting off the ball chain or shirt.
The trick is that the loop of the ball chain is not long enough to cross the long end of the round stock.
The fabric of the shirt must be pulled far enough through the ring of the ball chain to go through the long end of the round stock.
On the first \"settings\" of the puzzle, don\'t let others see you set it up.
If they don\'t understand, you can show the settings and solutions of the puzzle.
I made a video as usual.
This may help you to better understand the setup and resolution of the puzzle.
Thank you for watching and enjoying.
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