Ten jewelry brand list

by:Joacii     2020-08-26
Ten jewelry brand list? Jewelry has always been the girl's favourite, beautiful jewelry can make a woman allure, many high-end atmosphere of occasions, such as wedding, party, stage, and so on are little not the foil of jewelry, jewelry has entered every household, so to speak, so this year's top ten list of jewelry brand? Let the author tell you! Love guardian 16 points diamond ring for details click on the image or name ten jewelry brand list as follows: NO. 1: Cartier Cartier Cartier founded in 1847, is located in Paris, France. 不。 Tiffany tiffany (2: Tiffany) Is a famous jewelry brand, founded in 1837 in the United States, New York, founder Charles tiffany is the American media referred to as the 'king of diamonds'. 不。 3: with kai kai, famous jewelry brand, derived from its first designer Mr ZOCAI's Chinese name. 不。 4: van cleef van cleef ( VanCleef& Arpels) Was born in 1906, is a famous jewelry brand from France. 不。 5: chow tai fook chow tai fook since 1929, the first store by weeks to Mr Yuan in henan HongDe Road founded in guangzhou, was formally established in 1946 after chow tai fook jewelry &gold company co. , LTD. , affiliated to the chow tai fook group. 不。 6: harry Winston harry Winston HarryWinston1890 founded in the United States New York, is famous in the world more than one hundred super jewelry brand. 不。 7: bulgari Bvlgari bulgari founded in Italy in 1881, the founder of rope, bulgari ( SotirioBulgari) 。 不。 8: tiffany jue DERIER jue, derived from the romantic country, France is now greater China operations center set up in shenzhen, China. 不。 9: demi, Italy pandemic, guido Damiani, the world famous brand, international diamond awards for many times. 不。 10: poetry coldness treasure dragon was founded in 1858, the age of 28, jewelry designer Boucheron set up its own brand. Is the gucci ( GUCCI) The group's jewelry company. About ten jewelry brand list, the author will analysis for everyone here, more welcome you jewelry network knowledge, jewelry with 'website + experience + store phone platform,' three big purchase channels of drill solid sales network, traditional stores selling drilling mode, through online sales website and the experience of major cities set up shop in China, let consumers enjoy the smart buy drill perfect experience.
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