The choose and buy diamond how explicit drill diamond should be how to choose and buy is good

by:Joacii     2020-08-14
The choose and buy when a lot of people want their diamonds will be bigger, some design from the vision will be diamond show greater, in general the main pattern of small drill drill flank around some secret with diamonds will appear more bright, of course, some diamond ring type into petals to foil the main drill, 'small diamond has a large visual effect. Might as well choose and buy when compared to a few more diamond ring, diamond believe eyes first feeling will be more important. Rose says how to choose and buy a diamond? The characteristics of diamond design is reliable? The need to emphasize is that the design of the diamond ring is not necessarily what do STH unconventional or unorthodox. The more comparative characteristic style, will be more high to the requirement of embedded technology, but also often mean that diamond because of big and dropped the more dangerous the more big, of course, on the other hand also to the requirement of consumer hand type is very high. Often some classic thing must be reasonable, must be passed inspection in many respects. Diamond of choose and buy when diamond appraisal certificate being removed, the so-called diamond passport is professional quality inspection institutions to send the jewelry jade quality appraisal certificate. When buying a diamond ring now, general jewelry store shops can offer you some appraisal certificate issued by. Sometimes makes undesirable businessman will have genuine will to make the switch vices, with some really appraisal certificate to sales. Probably we will also buy a fake. Diamond of choose and buy when, therefore, be sure to carefully check the goods the commodity code on the label and the diamond is the basic way and appraisal certification on the picture is the same; And merchants have to sales of products is the same.
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