The choose and buy of diamonds of choose and buy need to know

by:Joacii     2020-08-07
Diamond is divided into a few steps away of choose and buy? Choose diamond generally divided into three steps, the first step is to understand diamond diamond, the second step is to choose the skills, the last step is to maintenance of diamonds, diamonds can tailored to the choose and buy a diamond ring, some friends also choose to invest, for young lovers, every diamond represents a commitment, want to choose and buy the diamond belongs to you? From diamond of choose and buy the heart of the ocean, then, we will to start the first step, the first thing to know about diamonds have ample, you don't need to do to the diamond how proficient, but at least you should have some knowledge of the diamond, to prevent the businessman fool, do you want to ask the merchants don't think you're a layman, the need to understand is the 4 c diamond, diamond carat weight, color and clarity, cutting process, in fact, there are many diamonds when consumer choose and buy of 4 c there are some myths, such as by the weight of the pursuit of the diamond, think diamond is heavier, the better, thus ignore the other 3 c, and the diamond studs, think diamond is a little flaw is not, in fact not flawless diamond almost does not exist! So for diamond 4 c we need to understand, not to misunderstand, then there is the second step, also is the skill of choose and buy, the most important part of the diamond is the certificate, the certificate of each diamond has its own, the most authoritative certificate of diamond is the GIA certificate, and then understand the diamond after-sales service, in what kind of is what kind of after-sales service and so on, the last step is the diamond identification of maintenance, conditional can take diamond do some simple organization identification, as for the maintenance of diamond, depends on the careful cultivation of daily life! Diamond, the main steps of choose and buy a analysis for everyone here, if it is used to customize the wedding ring, it is best to two people to together, if you don't know where to go to the choose and buy diamond, author can recommend, relying on its own international creative jewelry factory and global direct naked drill inventory resources, establish a diamond speed of the supply chain system, leading diamond 'fast fashion'. Develop reading: how to choose diamond South African diamond diamond brand
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