The composition of the diamond is what what is diamond

by:Joacii     2020-08-29
Diamond is every woman wants to have, every woman wants to have a belongs to own a diamond. Diamond quality of a material is solid, is one of the hardest things. What are the components you know diamond? The composition of the diamond we know C of carbon, diamond is a chemical substance. For the average person, composition of the diamond is still very understanding. The composition of the diamond is what? On the chemical composition of it, the diamond is composed of carbon element. Carbon is a kind of special element, the quality of a material is very hard. This is why diamonds can possess unique hardness, density and refractive index, dispersion, etc. , this is the difference between diamonds and other precious stones. There are many kinds of the color of the diamond, compare the pure diamond is colorless, transparent, after processing, is always shining. And pink diamond, it is more like women, diamond is a pink color, this is related to the composition of its internal structure change. Diamond, subtle changes have taken place, so its internal trace elements is different also, finally presented by color is also different. Diamond single component, is the hardest substance, determines the chemical properties of stability, not prone to easy to acid and alkali at room temperature. To understand the composition of the diamond, diamond when the choose and buy, should pay attention to look at a variety of influencing factors of the diamond, its colour, grade, cutters, etc. , as well as combining with diamond brand, etc. , after all, the diamond is a very expensive things, it is important to note that when choosing to buy a real diamond ring.
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