The definition of diamond color what color diamond

by:Joacii     2020-08-14
We all know that a portion of the diamond is called color diamonds, is our common color drill, is very beautiful and very rare, the price is very high, in fact, we usually see the diamond color is also different, so what color of the diamond? The definition and classification of diamond color is very strict, usually white diamond also because of its internal structure is different, and present some differences in color. Diamond color is different, of course, also means that the diamond quality and price is not the same, when consumer is buying to study contrast compared to the color of the diamond. The heart of the ocean in domestic commonly used color gradation, usually, the color of the diamond is divided into 23 grades with 23 English letters from a to Z D represented in sequence, including diamond D color to F color diamond color is the best, is also more close to the level of transparency is colorless, when we choose diamond, these three kinds of color is undoubtedly the best choice, also the price is more expensive, second in G color to J color is also close to colorless, just a bit more on the level. In diamond back slightly can contrast to see even a trace of light yellow color, since K color diamond began to have more obvious slant yellow, yellow back will ever deeper, the quality of diamond, of course, also can become low, also, of course, since K color color had better don't choose to do a diamond ring. Directly affect the appearance of the diamond. Next to the deeper color diamonds in general rarely used as jewelry. This is the diamond ring is the color of the hierarchy. Completely colorless transparent diamond is very, very rare, drilling to is also rare, directly in the diamond ring color level, can achieve completely colorless also only D color level, the level of E and F color color diamond only experts with a very professional testing instruments can detect small amounts of the rest of the color, so with our naked eye to see also was rated a colorless, also they are very rare. Diamond color is on the diamond grade, colour and lustre is worse and worse, in the same other conditions, the diamond quality and the quality will be worse and worse, of course, when we choose a diamond ring, in addition to distinguish diamond color level, or to pay attention to other 3 c numerical reference diamonds. Reading diamond studs are South Africa diamond brand
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