The Hollywood stars are all famous for their luxurious

by:Joacii     2020-05-08
It is very common for the celebrity not to play up on who the significant other is in their life but when they make the announcement then they show up wearing at least a 5 carat Diamond Ring on their finger. The Queens of Hollywood all like to show off their finger with a huge diamond that some of us could only dream about but never get to wear. The Famous Hollywood Weddings with the Diamond Solitaire Rings One of the famous couples was Michael Douglas and his now wife Catherine Zeta-Jones who sports a lovely 10 carat rings. This was only the start of their famous wedding that cost the couple $10 million dollars. The couple's wedding is still talked about today as being one of the biggest affairs hosted in Hollywood. This famous couple is just an example of where jewelry fits into the limelight when it comes to diamonds. Famous Hollywood Couples are now starting to fancy having three diamonds on the ring instead of just one huge diamond. The Diamond Solitaire Ring will always be a hit amongst the rich and famous. One of the reasons that couples like to have three diamonds on a ring is because it represents the past, the present, and the future, which is a sentimental reason as well as the fact it depicts the wealth of the stars. First Couple to Use the Three Diamond Ring for Sentimental reasons The first couple to utilize the three-diamond ring as a sentimental basis of their relationship was Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Mr. Ritchie had a special three-diamond ring made for Madonna that was round using the Edwardian Diamonds using accents throughout the beautiful platinum band. This is known as one of the most talked about diamond rings to-date. Sharon Stone and her husband Phil Bronstein decided to use the three-diamond ring style like Madonna, except Sharon Stone used diamonds that were Emerald cut stones. Sharon Stone diamond ring was not given to her on her wedding like Madonna's ring but later to celebrate their anniversary and the adoption of their son. Hollywood celebrities like to do things differently so that they will be noted for their individuality. Toni Braxton and Keri Russel had a very famous Hollywood Wedding planning everything for themselves even to the detail of their diamond ring for the wedding. The diamond ring designed by Toni consists of an oval shaped center with two heart shaped stones on each side.
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